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Tolerance is a property of the player which makes some monsters not aggressive towards them. If a player stays within their tolerance region for 10 minutes, standard monsters will no longer be aggressive towards the player. Some monsters, such as bosses like the King Black Dragon, ignore player tolerance and so are always aggressive.

The player's tolerance region consists of two (possibly overlapping) 21x21 tile squares. One of the 21x21 tile square is "newer" than the other. When the player leaves their tolerance region, the non-newer 21x21 tile square is relocated to be centred at the player's current tile and becomes the newer square.

Tolerance must be managed by players when killing rock crabs since the only way to attack them is for them to be aggressive. However, tolerance can be beneficial to the player in some cases. When the hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon become tolerant, the player can safely attack from Ranged safespots without another hellhound intercepting them.