Trade Referee

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Trade Referee
Trade Referee.png
Released31 May 2005 (Update)
Also calledOctagon Referee
LocationTrade Octagon
ExamineHe is regulating the flow of goods on the trade floor and maintaining order.
Advanced data
NPC ID6043
Trade Referee chathead.png

The Trade Referee is the dwarf responsible for regulating the flow of goods in the Trade Octagon, an important trade centre in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim.

The Trade Octagon, found on the central level of Keldagrim Palace, is the Consortium's largest centre of trade. Here the eight companies of the Consortium trade goods and services amongst themselves, each attempting to increase its profits and improve its standings within the city's government.

The referee is solely responsible for ensuring that the Trade Octagon remains orderly. For each of the eight companies, two traders can be found representing them. These traders make business moves simply by shouting out their needs and offers in the hope that another company will have the answer. This chaotic mesh must be controlled by the referee, who ensures that things remain civil and that each group of traders remains on their respective part of the trade floor.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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