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Saro chathead.png

Saro is a dwarven tradesman. He can be found in his armour shop, located southwest of the bank on the western side of Keldagrim. He sells a number of medium helmets, chainbodies and shields, ranging from steel to rune.

In addition to selling armour, he features in The Giant Dwarf quest where he tells the player that he sold a pair of exquisite boots to Dromund.

Under certain circumstance Saro may also assign a task. For example to smith four steel kiteshields in 20 minutes. After successfully completing the task he will offer a choice of coins or training. For four steel kiteshields, he will give 400 Defence experience. Talking to him again immediately afterwards will not result in receiving another task.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 130.0% • Buys at: 55.0% • Change per: 3.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Steel chainbody.pngSteel chainbody3Coins 250.png 975Coins 250.png 412Coins 100.png 231
Mithril chainbody.pngMithril chainbody1Coins 1000.png 2,535Coins 1000.png 1,072Coins 250.png 919
Black chainbody.pngBlack chainbody1Coins 1000.png 1,872Coins 250.png 792Coins 1000.png 2,298
Adamant chainbody.pngAdamant chainbody1Coins 1000.png 6,240Coins 1000.png 2,640Coins 1000.png 2,810
Steel med helm.pngSteel med helm3Coins 250.png 390Coins 100.png 165Coins 25.png 77
Mithril med helm.pngMithril med helm1Coins 1000.png 1,014Coins 250.png 429Coins 250.png 292
Adamant med helm.pngAdamant med helm1Coins 1000.png 2,496Coins 1000.png 1,056Coins 250.png 984
Steel sq shield.pngSteel sq shield0Coins 250.png 780Coins 250.png 330Coins 100.png 219
Black kiteshield.pngBlack kiteshield0Coins 1000.png 2,121Coins 250.png 897Coins 250.png 941