Animate rock scroll

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Animate rock scroll
Animate rock scroll.png
Released28 February 2005 (Update)
Quest itemOne Small Favour, King's Ransom
ExamineAn animate rock spell is written on this parchment.
Value50 coins
High alch30 coins
Low alch20 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID4428
Animate rock scroll detail.png

The animate rock scroll is a quest item used in the One Small Favour and King's Ransom quests. It contains the incantation Um nahi listic durooo-rah!, for a spell that brings rocks to life, or re-animates beings who have been turned to rock or stone.

It is first obtained during One Small Favour by giving iron oxide to Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne. If lost, it can be obtained by speaking to Wizard Cromperty again, without having to give him anything. However, once the player has completed King's Ransom, the scroll becomes unobtainable (although it has no use at this point anyway). Warning: All duplicates disappear after finshing the King's Ransom quest.

The scroll is used on a girl named Petra who has been accidentally embedded into the rock face of a cave near the Fishing Guild. The player attempts to use it to free her, but misfires the spell, accidentally animating some nearby rocks and bringing Slagilith to life. The player must kill this creature before trying again and successfully releasing Petra. Trying to cast the spell with Slagilith alive results in the message, "You're a little too busy fighting to cast that right now." The player then returns to Phantuwti to progress to the next part of the quest.

Some players have the issue of being unable to use the scroll during One Small Favour, receiving the message, "You don't feel that you should cast this with enemies around". This issue can be resolved by killing the giant bats and goblins directly outside the room.

In King's Ransom, it is needed to free King Arthur from the statue underneath the Black Knights' Fortress.

A player using the Animate rock scroll.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The visual effect produced by the spell looks like Wind Wave.