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Hopeless creatures are monsters encountered during A Soul's Bane, in the Dungeon of Tolna. A player must kill all 5 of the hopeless creatures in order for the Bridge of Hope to appear. Each monster must be slain a total of 3 times before they will truly die. Each time a form is killed, they will retreat from the player and shrink in size. It should be noted that every time a player eats, 75% of the monster's current health is restored. These monsters can attack with ranged during the quest, but usually use melee to attack. When poisoned, hopeless creatures do NOT carry the poison on to their next forms.

After the quest, hopeless creatures can be killed as a means to train combat. As the monsters have low defence and high health, it can prove to be a fruitful method of training. Additionally, the surrounding area is rarely occupied, meaning the spawns will have little competition. One downfall however, is that these monsters do not drop anything upon death. A rope will be needed when entering the dungeon for the first time.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Tolna's Rift71Member icon.png11Maplink