Sea Slug Conflicts

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The Sea Slug Conflicts is an ongoing conflict around the fishing village of Witchaven. The conflict essentially began at some point during the Fourth Age, when the Temple Knights fought against the Sea Slug Queen Mother Mallum, who was a malevolent slug-like entity producing tiny sea slugs capable of taking over the minds and bodies of other creatures.

The majority of the Sea Slug Conflicts took place when Mother Mallum first emerged from the sea. She used her forces to corrupt and control the important political figures of the world.[1] Eventually, she was sealed within an underground cave network by the Temple Knights.[2][3] However, the Temple Knights have since forgotten the process used to imprison Mother Mallum.[4]

Around year 169 of the Fifth Age, a little time before the events of the Sea Slugs quest, a fishing platform was established off the coast of Witchaven, which severely impacted the local populace.[5]At some point, the fishermen working at the platform hauled some of Mother Mallum's spawns from the Southern Sea on to the platform and from there the sea slugs began possessing the fishermen as well as the people of Witchaven.[6]

An adventurer, who had previously encountered the sea slugs, was sent to investigate on behalf of the Temple Knights. The adventurer was tricked into releasing Mother Mallum from her prison, but managed to kill the Slug Prince before narrowly escaping Mother Mallum. This caused a delay in Mother Mallum's plans, which are likely to once again take control of the leaders of the world.[7]

The Temple Knights are currently trying to find a way to stop the sea slugs,[8] while Mother Mallum is supposedly plotting her next move.[9]

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