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Iron Man tutor
Iron Man tutor (Paul).png
Released13 October 2014 (Update)
LocationTutorial Island
ExamineHe can tell you about being an Iron Man.
Advanced data
NPC ID7941,9486
Iron Man tutor (Paul) chathead.png
Iron Man tutor (Adam) chathead.png

Paul and Adam the Iron Man tutors are found on Tutorial Island and Lumbridge respectively, with the latter denoted by the Ironman Tutor icon.png map icon on the minimap.

Paul on Tutorial Island can change the player's Iron Man status freely until they leave Tutorial Island, and Adam in Lumbridge can provide players with Ironman armour, hardcore ironman armour, and ultimate ironman armour depending on which, if any, status they had set their account to with Paul. Adam can also downgrade a player's Ironman status, such as changing from an Ultimate Ironman to a standard Ironman.

Using a jar of souls on Adam will initiate a dialogue in which he will claim that he has been looking for souls, and takes one out of the jar.

The player may also choose to create a Group Ironman with other players when selecting their Ironman status. Paul will then instruct the player to continue to the tutorial and visit The Node.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Iron Man tutor (Adam) is the solution to the medium cipher clue: HQNM LZM STSNQ. He will present the player a challenge scroll asking, "How many snakeskins are needed in order to craft 44 boots, 29 vambraces and 34 bandanas?", the answer to which is 666.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
15 March 2023

The Ironman Tutor will now give more information about permenant Ironman status and unranked Group Ironmen.

15 May 2020

Paul's name was corrected from "Name".

14 May 2020

Paul and Adam were renamed to "Iron Man tutor", although their original names were retained within the dialogue. Due to a bug, Paul referred to himself as "Name".

25 October 2018

Adam was removed from Tutorial Island, and is now the only Iron Man in Lumbridge. His hair colour was also changed back to orange.

13 August 2015

Adam's hair colour was changed from orange to purple, after B0aty did the same for a charity event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Adam and Paul are references to the Old School RuneScape content creators B0aty and Faux, respectively, who are known for their Ironman video content.[1]
  • Adam is an Ironman and Paul is an Ultimate Ironman.

References[edit | edit source]

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