Charge Fire Orb

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Charge Fire Orb
Charge Fire Orb.png
Released 18 March 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 63
Spellbook Standard
Type Utility
Experience 73
Runes 30Fire 3Cosmic 1Unpowered Orb
Casting speed 3 ticks (6 on autocast)
Description Needs to be cast on a fire obelisk
Charge Fire Orb.gif
Sound Effect
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Charge Fire Orb is an enchantment spell that requires a Magic level of 63 to use. It can only be cast on a fire obelisk, deep in the Taverley Dungeon after passing the ladder to the water obelisk and the two black dragons in the dungeon on the main floor.

When you have an unpowered orb and the correct runes in your inventory, it will turn each orb into a fire orb.

Using a fire orb on a battlestaff makes a fire battlestaff. This requires 62 Crafting and gives 125 Crafting experience.

If a player has an Agility level of 80 (can be boosted at a minimum of 75 Agility), they can use the shortcut at the start of the entrance, as it's the fastest way of reaching the fire obelisk. The second best way is to have an Agility level of 70 (65 or higher if boosted) and use the pipe on the right. This will only be half a minute longer than using the higher level shortcut. If you don't meet any of these requirements, then fire orb running will be very long, as the dungeon is relatively long and can take around 3–5 minutes per inventory.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
30Fire rune.png3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png800
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Lava rune.png830
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Smoke rune.png4,370
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Steam rune.png4,310
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngStaff of fire.pngAlt650
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngTome of fire.png650