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Bank logo.png
The bank of a player.

A bank is a facility that allows players to deposit, store, and withdraw their items. It is indicated on the world map with a dollar (($)) icon. It is usually a standalone building, but sometimes takes the form of a chest or even (rarely) a non-player character.

Within a bank, free-to-play accounts may store up to 400 stacks of items, while members can store up to 800. An additional 20 spaces are given if the player has a Bank PIN and another 20 spaces if they have RuneScape Authenticator activated on their account. Players may also increase their bank space by buying blocks of 40 bank spaces, up to 9 times, bringing the highest number of spaces a player can have to 800 on free-to-play worlds or 1200 on members worlds.

Banks were once popular locations for trading as players were right beside where they keep most of their money and items. However, with the introduction of the Grand Exchange on 26 February 2015, most transactions are now conducted there.

Note: Ultimate Ironman accounts are blocked from storing items in a bank.

Bankers[edit | edit source]

Players may access their bank account by right-clicking a banker or bank booth or by speaking to a banker and going through their dialogue.

Bankers[edit | edit source]

Banker (male).png

Bankers are NPCs who operate banks. They are present in nearly every bank, including the Grand Exchange, standing behind a bank booth or desk. Human bankers can be identified by their grey suits or by a huge sack on their backs (to represent the banked items that they have stored). Bankers of other races, such as ghost bankers, gnome bankers, fairy bankers, elven bankers, or dwarven bankers, can also be found in banks in areas inhabited by those races. Players can speak to them to learn about how to use the bank, set a bank PIN or buy additional bank spaces.

Bank booths[edit | edit source]

A player may left-click a bank booth to directly access their bank account. Players may also use banknotes on a bank booth to convert them to the items they represent.

Ultimate Ironman accounts may use the un-noting feature of bank booths even though they are otherwise blocked from using banks.

Bank chests[edit | edit source]

Bank chests provide the same functionality as bank booths. They are available in places such as in the Lumbridge Castle cellar (during and after the Recipe for Disaster quest), the Emir's Arena, and many minigames such as Blast Furnace. They are also available in many safe areas of Pvp worlds.

Bank deposit boxes[edit | edit source]

Bank Deposit Box.png

Bank deposit boxes allow players to deposit items into their bank without having to enter the Bank PIN; however, players cannot withdraw items or view the contents of their bank account. Players may use items directly on a bank deposit box to deposit them into their bank, or open the bank deposit box and select items from their inventory to store using the interface. They are available in most banks and in other key locations such as in Port Khazard. They are typically cylindrical in shape.

Bank locations[edit | edit source]

There are many banks scattered throughout RuneScape, and may be located in the world map with the dollar sign (($)) icon.

Some banking services charge commission. It may be a percentage of what's being deposited, or coins; an example of this is the Dwarven Boatman east of Arzinian Mine's entrance, who will store players' gold ore for 20 percent commission (or 10 percent with Ring of charos (a)), rounded up.

Several banks have inaccessible areas, such as stairs, doors, fences, and basements. It is unclear what is actually in some of these areas.

Using a bank[edit | edit source]

Accessing a bank account[edit | edit source]

Players can open their bank account to deposit or withdraw items in several ways:

  1. The player may talk to the banker and request access to their bank account through dialogue options.
  2. The player may left-click a bank booth to skip the banker's dialogue and access their bank account.
  3. Players can use the right-click "Bank" option on a banker to access to their bank account without going through dialogue. This is 1 tick faster than left-clicking the bank booth.

Deposits[edit | edit source]

When a player has access to their bank, they can deposit items from their inventory. Players can deposit 1, 5, 10, n (the last value entered for the "Withdraw-X" option), "All", or "X" (custom amount) items in one menu. The "X" option allows a player to specify the quantity of items to be deposited, and lock in the custom amount as n until another "X" amount is entered. This feature is useful for players depositing the same number of items repeatedly, such as during Runecraft and Fletching.

Some banks charge commission for using their services. The Dwarven Boatman and Odovacar are examples of this.

Unbankable items[edit | edit source]

Some items, such as Genie lamps, Books of knowledge, and Monkeys, cannot be stored in a bank. If a player attempts to do so, they will receive a chatbox message stating, "A magical force prevents you from banking this item!" or another such message depending on the item. See the full list here.

Withdrawals[edit | edit source]

Players can withdraw their items by either using a bank booth or talking to a banker. The bank account access procedure is similar to the deposit process. Once players have access to their bank account, they can then withdraw the required items. Similar to the deposit process, the player has several options for withdrawals:

  • Withdraw-1 - Withdraws one item.
  • Withdraw-5 - Withdraws five items.
  • Withdraw-10 - Withdraws ten items.
  • Withdraw-n - Withdraws n items, where n is a custom amount based on the amount entered in the last "Withdraw-X" transaction.
  • Withdraw-X - Withdraws an x number of items. The "X" option allows a player to specify the quantity of items to be withdrawn, and lock in the custom amount (n) for subsequent transactions.
  • Withdraw-All - Withdraws all items stored in the bank.
  • Withdraw-All but one - Withdraws all items (except one). This is useful for storing "placeholder" items, as not to disrupt the positioning of the item. If a player attempts to withdraw-all but one of an item that they only have one of, they will get a chatbox message stating, "You only have one of this item, so withdrawing all but one does nothing."

Collection[edit | edit source]

The "Collect" right-click option on bank booths and bankers opens the player's Grand Exchange collection box, where players can receive the money they earned or items they bought from Grand Exchange transactions. This feature is available on all banks in Gielinor, so players may collect items from any bank in any location without having to make a trip to the Grand Exchange.

The collection box interface shows the status of all of the player's active trades. Completed trades are shown in green. On-going trades (i.e. large quantities or items which are difficult to buy/sell) may be collected bit by bit as the trade goes through.

Features[edit | edit source]

Bank Space & Storage limits[edit | edit source]

A bank is initially limited to 400 for free-to-play players. Members get additional 400 bank slots up to a total of 800. On top of this, any player can unlock 20 extra bank slots for setting a Bank PIN and another additional 20 for enabling the Authenticator for their account. The 20 bank spaces granted for having a bank PIN will only be available after the bank PIN is officially set one week after it has been requested. Players may also buy additional bank spaces by talking to bankers up to 9 times in blocks of 40, each with increasing costs. This brings the highest number of spaces a player can have to 800 on the free-to-play worlds or 1,200 on members worlds, for a total of Coins 888,000,000.

Some items such as experience lamps and certain quest items cannot be banked, giving a message saying "A magical force prevents you from banking this item". Other items, such as seed packs and supply crates cannot be stacked in the bank, causing each item to take up a separate bank slot. Most other items, however, always stack in the bank with other identical items, even if they do not normally stack in the inventory. Degradable or dischargable items do still need to have the same amount of charges to stack in the bank though.

The table below contains the costs of unlocking additional bank spaces. The cost of unlocking additional bank spaces roughly doubles after each unlock. Note that the total numbers of bank spaces does not include the additional slots unlocked by setting up the Bank PIN and Authenticator.

Bank slots can be purchased by speaking to a Banker and selecting, "I'd like to buy more bank slots.".

Block Bank spaces Coins Cost Coins Cost per bank space
Free-to-play inventory imageFree-to-play Members inventory imageMembers This block Total so far This block Total so far
1 440 840 1,000,000 1,000,000 25,000 25,000
2 480 880 2,000,000 3,000,000 50,000 37,500
3 520 920 5,000,000 8,000,000 125,000 66,667
4 560 960 10,000,000 18,000,000 250,000 112,500
5 600 1,000 20,000,000 38,000,000 500,000 190,000
6 640 1,040 50,000,000 88,000,000 1,250,000 366,667
7 680 1,080 100,000,000 188,000,000 2,500,000 671,429
8 720 1,120 200,000,000 388,000,000 5,000,000 1,121,500
9 760 1,160 500,000,000 888,000,000 12,500,000 2,466,667
Total 888,000,000 2,466,667

Tabs[edit | edit source]

Players can create up to nine tabs in their bank with which to help organise their items. With this feature, players may store items with similar characteristics together, such as placing their items used in the Farming skill in one tab and their Fishing items in another tab. Many players have a "Quest" tab, a "Tools" tab, and an "Armour & Weapons" tab, as there are many items that fall within these three categories.

New tabs are created by dragging and dropping items to the "+" icon, creating a new tab with the dragged item as the first item. Each tab is identified with an icon of the first item in it, which changes if the player changes the first item in the bank. By using the bank settings menu (accessed via the button in the upper-right corner of the bank interface), the player can choose to have bank tabs display numbers or Roman numerals instead of the first item in them.

The "All" tab (labelled with the infinity symbol) shows all the items in the player's bank, with items not sorted into tabs shown first and dividing lines separating the bank's tabs.

To remove a bank tab, the tab may be right-clicked and the 'Collapse tab' option selected, putting all items in it back into the main tab. A tab is also automatically removed if it is empty.

Swap/Insert toggle[edit | edit source]

With the "Swap" option selected, drag an item on top of another to 'swap' their places in the bank. Thus, item (A) is swapped when another item (B) is dragged and dropped onto the item.

Conversely, the "Insert" option allows players to drag an item in the space before or after another item to "insert" it, moving all other subsequent items along one space. Thus, item (B) will be inserted in between items (before item A), moving all items that follow along one space.

Search[edit | edit source]

The Search button is used for finding items in the bank. After pressing the "Search" button, the player can type all or part of the name of the item they are looking for and the bank interface will filter out all items whose names do not contain what the player entered. This provides easy access to rarely used items that need to be found quickly or to items that have many versions that look similar such as herbs.

Item/Note toggle[edit | edit source]

The Item/Note toggle button is used to toggle withdrawals between item form and noted form. If this toggle is set to "Note," most unstackable items withdrawn from the bank will be withdrawn as banknotes. Banknotes cannot be used as their equivalent item in nearly any way, but are always stackable, allowing large amounts of unstackable items (such as ores and logs) to be withdrawn or traded without taking up a large amount of inventory space. Storing a banknote in a bank, selling it to a shop, or using it on a bank booth or banker will convert the note to its item equivalent.

In RuneScape Classic, notes did not exist, but instead players would trade in bulk using certificates, which could only be made for certain items. Certificates were made by bringing the desired items to the "certer" NPCs, instead of simply withdrawing from the bank in certificate form. Every certificate was equivalent to five regular items.

Quantity toggle[edit | edit source]

The numbered buttons (1, 5, 10, X and All) are used to change what quantity of the item is withdrawn or deposited when left-clicking. The X option by default uses the last set custom quantity, which can be set by right-clicking on an item and selecting "Withdraw-X" or by right-clicking the X option in the quantity toggle.

Deposit inventory[edit | edit source]

Clicking the Deposit inventory button allows players to quickly dump all the items in their inventory into their bank. Players can disable this button by unchecking the option in the bank settings menu.

Deposit worn items[edit | edit source]

Clicking the Deposit worn items button allows players to deposit the items they are wearing into their bank. Players can disable this button by unchecking the option in the bank settings menu.

Bank PIN[edit | edit source]

The use of a 4-digit Bank PIN (Personal Identification Number) adds a significant extra layer of security to an account. It is optional, but recommended. Players may use the button located at the bottom of the bank interface or speak to any banker to set up a PIN or to cancel it.

When the PIN is active, players must enter the four-digit number the first time they use the bank, the Grand Exchange, or a STASH unit, after logging in. They need not enter it again for as long as they remain logged in. They can also use a setting in the PIN settings menu to toggle not to require the PIN if the player logs out for less than five minutes.

This means that even if a hacker is able to log in with someone else's username and password, the most they will be able to steal is any wielded items and whatever is in the inventory. They will not be able to access the contents of the bank or any cash or items on the Grand Exchange without knowing the PIN. Therefore, it is essential that the PIN be hard to guess.

Item incinerator[edit | edit source]

Item Incinerator.png

The item incinerator destroys stacks of items in the bank. Note that extreme care is advised when using this feature, as it permanently destroys items and there is no way to reverse this.

The incinerator can be turned on by accessing the settings button found in the top right corner of the bank interface, then clicking on the item incinerator option. After this is done there will be a new icon in the bottom left of the interface to indicate the item incinerator is active. Drag the stack of items over the incinerator icon and a confirmation prompt will be given. After confirming this will destroy the selected (stack of) item(s).

The incinerator destroys the entire stack dragged onto it. There is no way to incinerate only a select amount of the items, however, the player can simply withdraw the items in banknote form and drop them.

Bank filler[edit | edit source]

Bank filler detail.png

Bank fillers can be added to the bank by using the bank settings button in the top right corner of the bank interface. Doing so fills the player's bank with the selected amount of useless fillers. Bank fillers can be cleared with a right-click option or by using the bank settings menu.

Having a bank full of filler items allows players to decide which items they want deposited when using the Deposit inventory or Deposit worn items buttons. For example, if players are crafting leather items, they can remove the needle and thread from their bank, enable the bank fillers, and be able to use the Deposit inventory button to deposit everything except their needle and thread, as their bank would have no space to hold them because all of the space is taken up by bank fillers.

Show worn items[edit | edit source]

Clicking the "Show worn items" icon on the top left corner of the bank interface allows players to equip their armour and weapons without having to exit the bank interface. It can also be accessed by pressing the F-key bound to Worn Equipment.

Inventory item options[edit | edit source]

Players can right click various items, such as food, potions and equipment to interact with them without exiting the bank interface.

Bank tutorial button[edit | edit source]

The Show tutorial button is turned on by default and is right next to the close button in the top right corner. The tutorial is mainly designed for new players, and can be turned off in the bank settings.

Bank withdrawal shortcuts[edit | edit source]

When entering a custom amount to withdraw or deposit, the player can type "k", "m", or "b" for 'thousand', 'million', and 'billion' respectively. A player who wants to withdraw "1,000,000" coins, for instance, may simply type "1m". The shortcuts do not work together, however, so if a player wanted to withdraw 1 billion (1,000,000,000) they would not be able to type '1km' or '1mk'.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 January 2023
  • Players can now store over 1,023 items in a single Bank tab.
  • Removing all bank fillers now has a confirmation option.
24 November 2021

Ultimate Iron accounts can no longer purchase extra bank slots.

24 November 2021
(update | poll)
  • Additional bank spaces received by setting up the bank PIN and Authenticator were increased from 8 to 20 for a total of 40 additional bank spaces.
  • Players can now increase the bank spaces number 9 times by 40 additional bank spaces each, for a total of 360 additional slots. The total cost is 888,000,000 GP, with the initial unlock costing 1,000,000 GP and roughly doubling after each unlock.
27 February 2020

The bank no longer scrolls up or down when items are dragged towards the incinerator.

9 January 2020
(update | poll)
  • Players can now eat food, drink potions and equip items from the inventory while the bank interface is open.
  • A new icon has been added on the top left corner of the bank interface which allows players to left-click equip their equipment without exiting the bank interface.
11 October 2018

Banks renamed from "Bank of RuneScape" to "Bank of Gielinor".

27 September 2018

Buttons along the bottom to determine left-click withdraw quantity were added on the desktop client.

28 September 2017

Players can now get eight bank spaces for enabling bank PIN and another eight for enabling authenticator.

16 March 2017

Right-clicking a bank tab will now give you the option of removing all placeholders within that tab.

22 September 2016

Deposit inventory button can now be disabled.

11 August 2016

Bank fillers were added.

30 June 2016

Item incinerator was added.

15 April 2016
  • The Placeholder toggle button has been moved slightly to be by the Search button.
  • The "always placeholder" toggle now persists over logout.
  • Potions of the same kind with different numbers of doses can no longer share placeholders.
  • Placeholders can now be made for unfinished potions.
14 April 2016

Bank placeholders were added.

15 December 2015

Using an item on any longbow inside a bank now correctly produces the nothing interesting happens message.

3 December 2015

The one tick delay present when you used bank booths rather than bankers in Port Phasmatys has been removed – on top of this, a bank booth in Port Phasmatys was not giving a message for players not using an amulet of ghostspeak; this has been fixed.

22 January 2015
(update | poll)

Bank space increased to 800 for members.

10 December 2014

The poll booths in Seers Village and in Ardougne south bank have been returned.

13 October 2014

Some bankspace checks have been amended to support Ultimate ironman accounts.

10 July 2014

Spam clicking the last item in a bank tab will no longer withdraw the first item from the next tab.

19 June 2014

Bank space increased to 600 for members.

15 May 2014
  • The bank scrollbar should now hold its position more reliably when closing the bank.
  • If you are dragging an item upwards the bank now waits a moment before scrolling so you can drag the item to the tab layer.
  • If you aren't using bank tabs, or have all of your items in the All tab, the bank once again shows your empty slots at the bottom.
  • Dragging around and inserting items should feel much more fluent.
8 May 2014

9 new bank tabs were added.

30 January 2014
(update | poll)

Players now have 24 more bank spaces.

17 October 2013
(update | poll)

The bank now has a 'Withdraw-All-but-one' option. The various Withdraw and Deposit options have been re-ordered slightly in response to your feedback.

3 October 2013

When rearranging your bank, you should no longer see ghostly outlines of items that are no longer there.

17 September 2013

The bank scroll now remembers its position when you close the bank interface.

12 September 2013
(update | poll)

The bank now has 424 slots, a Search button and two 'Deposit-all' buttons, and will remember your 'Withdraw-X' and 'Deposit-X' requests and offer the requested quantities as extra options on each item.

26 July 2013
(update | poll)

Your bank will now remember your Swap/Insert preference over logout.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player tries to use the Jagex Moderator command "::bank" in a chat, it will not work and they will automatically say, "Hey, everyone, I just tried to do something very silly!"

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