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Clue geodes are rare rocks that can be found while mining in place of receiving an ore. Searching them will give players a clue scroll of the same difficulty as the geode given. Like clue scrolls, players can only have one of each difficulty of clue geode in their possession. If a player possesses a clue scroll of the same difficulty as the clue geode, they will be unable to search the geode until the clue scroll is no longer in their possession.

There are five types of clue geodes:

Rates[edit | edit source]

Like skilling pets, the rate of obtaining clue geodes are dependent on the player's mining level and the type of rock the player is mining. A ring of wealth (i) will double the rate of clue geodes for mining rocks in the Wilderness.

The chance of obtaining a clue geode of any difficulty is 1 in , where is the base chance and is the player's mining level. For example, a player mining a runite rock at level 99 mining will have a 1 in 212 chance of obtaining a clue geode, with decimal values floored.

The table below displays the base chances of obtaining a clue geode; all rates are confirmed by Mod Tide.[1][2]

Rock Base chance Rock Base chance
Copper, tin, clay, blurite,
ash pile, iron, limestone,
silver, sandstone, granite
741,600 Volcanic sulphur 710,000
Coal, gold 296,640 Motherlode Mine 247,200
Lovakite 245,562 Gem 211,886
Mithril 148,320 Blast mine 123,600
Volcanic Mine 60,000 Adamantite 59,328
Amethyst 46,350 Runite 42,377

Once a player successfully rolls for a clue geode, a separate table is rolled to determine the type of geode received. A player can increase the rate of a specific clue to be dropped; having a clue scroll of a higher tier will increase the chance of receiving a lower tier clue geode.[3]

For example, if a player already possesses an elite clue and a hard clue, and rolls an elite clue geode, they will receive a medium clue geode instead. This process will only give substitute clue geodes of a tier lower than the one originally rolled for.

The table below displays the chances of obtaining a specific clue geode.

Geode Chance
Beginner 4/14
Easy 4/14
Medium 3/14
Hard 2/14
Elite 1/14

References[edit | edit source]

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