Crossbow limbs

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Crossbow limbs are members-only items used to make crossbows. They can be smithed, but most can also purchased at the crossbow shops in Keldagrim, White Wolf Mountain, and the Dwarven Mines. The experience and Smithing level needed to make them are as follows:

Smithing table[edit | edit source]

Smithing Level Item Materials Experience
6 Bronze limbs.png Bronze Bronze bar.png 12.5
13 Blurite limbs.png Blurite Blurite bar.png 17
23 Iron limbs.png Iron Iron bar.png 25
36 Steel limbs.png Steel Steel bar.png 37.5
56 Mithril limbs.png Mithril Mithril bar.png 50
76 Adamantite limbs.png Adamantite Adamantite bar.png 62.5
91 Runite limbs.png Runite Runite bar.png 75