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Het (monster).png
Gender Male
Alignment Health
Animal Aspect Human
Colours Unknown (edit)
Adjective Unknown (edit)
Het symbol.png

Het is the desert god of health, both physical and mental, and is one of the four minor gods of the Menaphite Pantheon. According to a legend from the Book of Light and Day, he was created from one of four dreams, the main god Tumeken once had over four days. He has the head of a human, unlike the rest of the Pantheon, whose members sport animal heads.

Associated to health both mental and physical, he is worshipped mainly by soldiers as well as orators and such.[1] He is less popular in Sophanem, however, it being the city of the dead.[2] Indeed, when the plagues of Sophanem broke out, a heated debate ensued amongst Het's followers as to the nature of the plagues in relation to the god.[3]

A manifestation of him can be encountered during Icthlarin's Little Helper. If the player picks up the human-headed canopic jar containing the liver, the player can fight the manifestation. However, fighting him is not necessary to finish the quest.

During Beneath Cursed Sands it is revealed that he, alongside Apmeken, Crondis and Scabaras have been captured and corrupted by Amascut who had hunted them down over the centuries. They have all supposedly been taken to the Jaltevas Pyramid, the tomb of Osmumten, where Amascut plans to use two ancient weapons against them to steal their divine energy and ascend from a demi-goddess to a true goddess.

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