Magic Stall

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Magic Stall
Magic Stall.png
Released6 December 2004 (Update)
QuestMonkey Madness I
LocationApe Atoll
OptionsSteal from
ExamineThis table has runes on display
Advanced data
Object ID4877

Magic Stall is a Magic store like any other. Although there are multiple Magic stores throughout Gielinor, there is only one magic stall. This stall is located on Ape Atoll; it is owned by Tutab as part of Tutab's Magical Market.

A minimum level of 65 Thieving is required to steal from this stall. A successful steal will reward 100 Thieving experience and one of the following runes: Air rune, Fire rune or Earth rune. This method requires the use of a greegree unless the player has completed Monkey Madness II. The respawn time of this stall is roughly every 40 seconds.

Thieving info[edit | edit source]

Magic stall
Level requiredThieving 65
Thieving XP100 xp
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Air rune.png: Magic Stall drops Air rune with rarity 1/3 in quantity 1Air rune11/3[d 1]52
Earth rune.png: Magic Stall drops Earth rune with rarity 1/3 in quantity 1Earth rune11/3[d 1]52
Fire rune.png: Magic Stall drops Fire rune with rarity 1/3 in quantity 1Fire rune11/3[d 1]52
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