Sacred Bone Burner

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Sacred Bone Burner
Sacred Bone Burner.png
Released4 July 2019 (Update)
LocationForthos Dungeon
ExamineA shrine built to present offerings to Ralos.
Advanced data
Object ID34855

The Sacred Bone Burner is found within the Crypt of the Moon in the Forthos Dungeon. In order to use it, players must first reach the crypt by using the temple coin (obtained by either killing the Shaeded Beast or giving five dragonstones to Olbertus) on the Stone Relief in the room through the north wall of the crypt. The crypt contains a lever that permanently opens the southern gate leading to the red dragons, allowing easier access in the future.

The main purpose of the burner is to offer babydragon bones or dragon bones from the nearby red dragons and baby red dragons for Prayer experience. However, all types of bones can be used on the Sacred Bone Burner to grant 300% of the Prayer experience of normally burying them. As a comparison, a gilded altar with two incense burners lit increases the Prayer experience to 350% per bone.

Faith level[edit | edit source]

The player can check their faith by clicking the "Check-Faith" option on the burner to get a rough indication of how many eligible bones have been offered. The message also displays any time you offer eligible bones.

If the player attempted to kill Olbertus, they must offer 100 eligible types of bones (babydragon bones, dragon bones, lava dragon bones, or superior dragon bones) to the bone burner to revert the Cursed Altar in the western part of the dungeon to a regular Altar again; prayer experience will not be gained until the 100 bones are offered and the curse is lifted. If the player gave five dragonstones to Olbertus, their faith level will act as if they had already offered 100 bones (they will receive the message The shrine is smooth to the touch. You faintly sense Ralos' power.).

After offering another 100 eligible types of bones, the shrine will become hot to the touch and a temple key will appear for the player to take. This key can be used to permanently unlock the remaining gates in the dungeon.

Bones offered Message Effect
None The shrine is icy to the touch, you do not sense any divine presence. The altar does not provide Prayer xp for offered bones.
50 The shrine is cold to the touch, you do not sense any divine presence. No new effects.
100 The shrine is smooth to the touch. You faintly sense Ralos' power. The altar now provides 300% Prayer experience for offered bones
150 The shrine is warm to the touch. Ralos' power is growing. No new effects.
200 The shrine is hot to the touch as it swells with Ralos' power. The altar still provides Prayer experience, and the player is offered a temple key.

After offering 200 bones, no more special effects occur in the dungeon but the burner continues to provide its Prayer experience boosting effects.

Cost per 100 restoration[edit | edit source]

Offering type Total cost GP/XP[n 1]
Babydragon bones.png Babydragon bones 89,500 9.94
Dragon bones.png Dragon bones 292,100 13.52
Lava dragon bones.png Lava dragon bones 533,200 20.91
Superior dragon bones.png Superior dragon bones[n 2] 1,296,900 28.82
Dragonstone.png Dragonstone[n 3] 59,115 N/A
  1. ^ GP/XP of the latter 100 bones, as the first 100 do not give xp at all.
  2. ^ Require Prayer 70 Prayer to use.
  3. ^ Can only be given to prevent the altar from becoming cursed in the first place.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 July 2019

The Sacred Bone Burner will no longer give any prayer experience while the altar is cursed in order to allow players who don't want to train Prayer to lift the curse.