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This table shows all possible experience sources for Mining in the game, as well as all interactions that require a Mining level. It also lists the items involved in the interactions, as well as other skills involved in processing the item.

NameMembersMining levelMining XPMaterials usedTools usedFacilities usedSkills involved
Adamantite ore.png
Adamantite oreFree-to-playMining 70 95Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeAdamantite Rock
Adamantite rock (Prifddinas).png
Adamantite rockMembersMining 70 95Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Amethyst crystals.png
Amethyst crystalsMembersMining 92 240Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Ash pile.png
Ash pileMembersMining 22 10Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Barronite deposit.png
Barronite deposit (Mining)Free-to-playMining 14 32Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeRocks (Barronite)
Barronite shards 25.png
Barronite shards (Mining)Free-to-playMining 14 16Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeRocks (Barronite)
Basalt rock (mining).png
Basalt rock (mining)MembersMining 72 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Blurite rock.png
Blurite rockFree-to-playMining 10 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Chocolate chunks.png
Chocolate chunksFree-to-playMining 1 0Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeChocolate deposit
Chocolate deposit.png
Chocolate depositFree-to-playMining 1 0Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
ClayFree-to-playMining 1 5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeClay rock
Clay rock.png
Clay rockFree-to-playMining 1 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
CoalFree-to-playMining 30 50Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeCoal rock
Coal rock (Prifddinas).png
Coal rockMembersMining 30 50Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Copper ore.png
Copper oreFree-to-playMining 1 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeCopper rock
Copper rock.png
Copper rockFree-to-playMining 1 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Corrupted ore.png
Corrupted oreMembersMining 1 10Corrupted pickaxe.png Corrupted pickaxeCorrupt Deposit
Crashed Star (size 1).png
Crashed Star (Size-1)Free-to-playMining 10 11Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 2).png
Crashed Star (Size-2)Free-to-playMining 20 20Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 3).png
Crashed Star (Size-3)Free-to-playMining 30 23Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 4).png
Crashed Star (Size-4)Free-to-playMining 40 26Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 5).png
Crashed Star (Size-5)Free-to-playMining 50 38Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 6).png
Crashed Star (Size-6)Free-to-playMining 60 57Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 7).png
Crashed Star (Size-7)Free-to-playMining 70 90Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 8).png
Crashed Star (Size-8)Free-to-playMining 80 116Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crashed Star (size 9).png
Crashed Star (Size-9)Free-to-playMining 90 168Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Crystal ore.png
Crystal oreMembersMining 1 10Crystal pickaxe (The Gauntlet).png Crystal pickaxe (The Gauntlet)Crystal Deposit
Daeyalt Essence (rock, active).png
Daeyalt Essence (rock)MembersMining 60 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Daeyalt ore.png
Daeyalt oreMembersMining 20 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeDaeyalt vein
Daeyalt shard.png
Daeyalt shardMembersMining 60 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Daeyalt rocks.png
Daeyalt veinMembersMining 20 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Efh salt rock.png
Efh salt rockMembersMining 72 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Gem rock (Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup).png
Gem rockMembersMining 40 65Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Giant Boulder (attached).png
Giant Boulder (attached)MembersMining 50 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Giant Boulder (unattached).png
Giant Boulder (unattached)MembersMining 50 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Gold ore.png
Gold oreFree-to-playMining 40 65Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeGold rock
Gold rock (Prifddinas).png
Gold rockMembersMining 40 65Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Granite rock.png
Granite rockMembersMining 45 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Granite (2kg).png
Granite (2kg)MembersMining 45 60Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeGranite rock
Granite (500g).png
Granite (500g)MembersMining 45 50Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeGranite rock
Granite (5kg).png
Granite (5kg)MembersMining 45 75Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeGranite rock
Infernal pickaxe.png
Infernal pickaxeMembersMining 61 200Dragon pickaxe.png Dragon pickaxe
Smouldering stone.png Smouldering stone
Smithing Smithing
Iron ore.png
Iron oreFree-to-playMining 15 35Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeIron rock
Iron rock (Prifddinas).png
Iron rockMembersMining 15 35Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Large Boulder.png
Large BoulderMembersMining 50 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
LimestoneMembersMining 10 26.5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxePile of Rock
Lovakite ore.png
Lovakite oreMembersMining 65 10Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeLovakite rock
Lovakite rock.png
Lovakite rockMembersMining 65 10Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Lunar ore.png
Lunar oreMembersMining 60 0Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeLunar rock
Lunar rockMembersMining 60 0Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Medium Boulder.png
Medium BoulderMembersMining 50 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Mithril ore.png
Mithril oreFree-to-playMining 55 80Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeMithril rock
Mithril rock (Prifddinas).png
Mithril rockMembersMining 55 80Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Depleted vein.png
Ore veinMembersMining 30 60Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Panning tray (mud).png
Panning tray (Mud)MembersMining 1 2Panning tray.png Panning tray#EmptyPanning pointFishing Fishing
Pay-dirtMembersMining 30 60Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeOre vein
Pile of Rock.png
Pile of RockMembersMining 10 26.5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Pile of Rock (elemental).png
Pile of Rock (elemental)MembersMining 1 1Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Rockfall (tall).png
RockfallMembersMining 1 10Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Rocks (Barronite).png
Rocks (Barronite)Free-to-playMining 14 16Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Rune Essence (rock).png
Rune Essence (rock)Free-to-playMining 1 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Rune essence.png
Rune essenceFree-to-playMining 1 5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeRune Essence (rock)
Runite ore.png
Runite oreFree-to-playMining 85 125Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeRunite rock
Runite rock (Prifddinas).png
Runite rockMembersMining 85 125Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Sandstone rock.png
Sandstone rockMembersMining 35 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Silver ore.png
Silver oreFree-to-playMining 20 40Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeSilver rock
Silver rock (Prifddinas).png
Silver rockMembersMining 20 40Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Small Boulder.png
Small BoulderMembersMining 50 (?)Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Soft clay rock.png
Soft clay rockMembersMining 70 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Soil (1).png
Soil (Fossil Island)MembersMining 1 5Trowel.png Trowel
Rock pick.png Rock pick
Soil (1).png
Soil (Level 1 digs)MembersMining 1 6Leather boots.png Leather boots
Leather gloves.png Leather gloves
Trowel.png Trowel
Soil (1).png
Soil (Level 2 digs)MembersMining 1 7Rock pick.png Rock pick
Soil (1).png
Soil (Level 3 digs)MembersMining 1 8Trowel.png Trowel
Specimen jar.png Specimen jar
Specimen brush.png Specimen brush
Soil (1).png
Soil (Training digs)MembersMining 1 5Trowel.png Trowel
Specimen tray.png
Specimen trayMembersMining 1 0.5Specimen jar.png Specimen jar
Te salt rock.png
Te salt rockMembersMining 72 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
TephraMembersMining 1 35.2Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeRock Formation
Tin ore.png
Tin oreFree-to-playMining 1 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeTin rock
Tin rock.png
Tin rockFree-to-playMining 1 17.5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Urt salt rock.png
Urt salt rockMembersMining 72 5Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Volcanic ash.png
Volcanic ashMembersMining 22 10Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeAsh pile
Volcanic sulphur.png
Volcanic sulphurMembersMining 42 25Bronze pickaxe.png PickaxeVolcanic sulphur (rock)
Volcanic sulphur (rock).png
Volcanic sulphur (rock)MembersMining 42 25Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe
ZalcanoMembersMining 1 35.2Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxe