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Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Cooking fish[edit | edit source]

The Hosidius Kitchen, one of the best places to cook banked fish.

One of the most common ways of training Cooking is simply to cook raw fish while catching them for Fishing training. This is a good way to combine early training in both skills, with some Fishing spots like those on the north-west side of Port Piscarilius being conveniently close to a house with a Range in it. If fishing somewhere closer to a bank such as near Land's End, the fish can be unbanked and cooked at the Hosidius Kitchen, if the player has 100% Hosidius favour. For those training cooking without 100% Hosidius favour, the bonfire at Wintertodt is the closest location to a bank. This is also a good way to cook noted raw fish drops, such as those from Wintertodt Supply crates. If the player has extra coins and needs raw fish to cook, Frankie's Fishing Emporium sells raw fish in large quantities, and is fairly close to a house with a range.

1+ : Aerial fishing[edit | edit source]

While training with the Aerial fishing activity at Lake Molch, the player can use a knife to cut the various fish into Fish chunks, giving a small amount of Cooking experience. This can give a small, passive amount of Cooking experience while the player is primarily training Hunter and Fishing. The exact Cooking experience depends on the type of fish, as outlined in the table below:

Creature Fishing Fishing Hunter Hunter Cooking Cooking
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
Bluegill inventory image Bluegill 43 57.5 35 82.5 1 17.5
Common tench inventory image Common tench 56 200 51 225 1 50
Mottled eel inventory image Mottled eel 73 325 68 450 1 100
Greater siren inventory image Greater siren 91 500 87 650 1 125

1+ : Barbarian fishing[edit | edit source]

Tick manipulation Barbarian fishing, which gives small amounts of Cooking experience.

Much like Aerial fishing, cutting the fish caught in the Barbarian fishing activity gives a small amount of Cooking experience. This is primarily used by players who are also using Tick manipulation methods to increase their experience rates. Without tick manipulation, most players simply drop the fish caught in this activity, gaining no Cooking experience.

20+ : Hosidius Mess[edit | edit source]

With level 20 Cooking and at least 45% Hosidius favour, the Mess hall just south of Kourend Castle is an excellent way to train Cooking in a free, self-contained way. All ingredients, tools, and other supplies are provided by the Mess itself, so training Cooking here requires no preparation and has no cost. Starting at level 20 Cooking, making Servery meat pies can reach up to 250,000 experience per hour. At level 25 Cooking, making Servery stews can reach up to 350,000 experience per hour, and at level 65 Cooking, making Servery pineapple pizzas can reach up to 1,000,000 experience per hour.