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Hi, this is Spineweilder, head administrator of the Old School Runescape Wiki. I occasionally contribute in the RuneScape Wiki as well. If you need to contact me go to my talk page or send me a pm in game. My in-game name is Spineweilder. (Yes, it's spelled ei, not ie.) I also have a Twitter account, and browse reddit (/r/2007scape) under the same name. hmm...

Useful stuff[edit | edit source]

Thing Use
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Drop rates[edit | edit source]

  • Always: 100% drop rate
  • Common: 1/2 to 1/25
  • Uncommon: 1/26 to 1/99
  • Rare: 1/100 to 1/999
  • Very rare: 1/1,000 and beyond

Artisan Dev Blog archive

Sailing Dev Blog archive

Some RDT rates

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Accomplishments Date achieved Pets Date achieved
QuestQuest point icon.png Max Quest points 29 December 2013 Pet kraken.png: Inventory image of Pet krakenPet kraken, 324th kill 2 August 2014
99 HitpointsHitpoints icon.png Hitpoints 19 January 2015 Chompy chick.png: Inventory image of Chompy chickChompy chick, 68th kill 26 June 2016
99 DefenceDefence icon.png Defence 10 March 2016 Pet chaos elemental.png: Inventory image of Pet chaos elementalPet chaos elemental, 86th kill 11 May 2017
99 AttackAttack icon.png Attack 10 March 2016 Pet k'ril tsutsaroth.png: Inventory image of Pet k'ril tsutsarothPet k'ril tsutsaroth, 97th kill 26 July 2017
99 StrengthStrength icon.png Strength 10 March 2016 Heron.png: Inventory image of HeronHeron, 91 Fishing 27 July 2017
99 SlayerSlayer icon.png Slayer 28 June 2016 Rift guardian.png: Inventory image of Rift guardianRift guardian, 93 Runecraft 26 December 2017
99 FiremakingFiremaking icon.png Firemaking 6 September 2016 Abyssal orphan.png: Inventory image of Abyssal orphanAbyssal orphan, 4th unsired (556) 28 April 2018
Achievement Diaries icon.png All Achievement Diaries 17 January 2017 Noon.png: Inventory image of NoonNoon, 964th kill 26 July 2018
99 CookingCooking icon.png Cooking 1 March 2017 Pet smoke devil.png: Inventory image of Pet smoke devilPet smoke devil, 1,970th kill 18 March 2019
99 RangedRanged icon.png Ranged 3 July 2017
99 PrayerPrayer icon.png Prayer 3 July 2017
99 MagicMagic icon.png Magic 18 July 2017
99 FarmingFarming icon.png Farming 25 August 2017
99 CraftingCrafting icon.png Crafting 24 October 2017
99 HerbloreHerblore icon.png Herblore 30 October 2017
99 MiningMining icon.png Mining 14 February 2018
99 ThievingThieving icon.png Thieving 19 March 2018
99 ConstructionConstruction icon.png Construction 4 April 2018
99 SmithingSmithing icon.png Smithing 4 April 2018
99 RunecraftRunecraft icon.png Runecraft 12 April 2018
99 FishingFishing icon.png Fishing 16 April 2018
99 AgilityAgility icon.png Agility 18 April 2018
99 HunterHunter icon.png Hunter 19 April 2018
99 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.png Woodcutting 23 April 2018
99 FletchingFletching icon.png Fletching and max total 1 May 2018

Mod Alfred[edit | edit source]

Desc. Date
"Goblin hat" & "noob hat" 24 Apr 2014
3rd age wand concept art 2 May 2014
Red dragon mask 14 May 2014
Dragon cane progress 15 May 2014
3rd age wand in Autodesk 3ds Max 19 May 2014
Dragon pickaxe rework concept 19 May 2014
"3rd age broadsword" progress v1 19 May 2014
"3rd age broadsword" progress v2 20 May 2014
3rd age bow progress v1 20 May 2014
3rd age bow progress v2 20 May 2014
"3rd age sword" progress v3 22 May 2014
"3rd age cape" progress v1 22 May 2014
3rd age cloak progress v2 23 May 2014
Musketeer outfit progress v1 30 May 2014
Explorer backpack model progress v1 2 Jun 2014
"Fish chinchompa" & explorer backpack model progress v2 3 Jun 2014
Rangers' tunic concept art 6 Jun 2014
Holy sandals model progress 20 Jun 2014
Wilderness rings model progress 20 Jun 2014
Ward rework concept art 23 Jun 2014
Malediction rework progress 25 Jun 2014
Odium rework progress 26 Jun 2014
Graceful rework concept art (v2 and v1, resp.) 27 Jun 2014
Occult rework progress v1 7 Jul 2014
Occult rework progress v2 8 Jul 2014
ACB rework concept art 12 Aug 2014
ACB rework progress v1 13 Aug 2014
ACB rework progress v2 14 Aug 2014
Cerb lair progress 12 Jun 2015
Cerb boots progress v1 21 Jul 2015
Cerb boots progress v2 23 Jul 2015
Cerb soul devourer "loot chest" 31 Jul 2015
Angler's outfit progress v1 8 Sep 2015
Angler's outfit progress v2 9 Sep 2015
Rock golem model progress 28 Oct 2015
Jad 2 model progress 15 Jan 2016
Jad 2 Ranged cape model 15 Jan 2016
Farmer outfit male progress v1 27 Jan 2016
Farmer outfit male progress v2 27 Jan 2016
Farmer outfit female progress v1 28 Jan 2016
Farmer outfit female progress v2 28 Jan 2016

Mod Ghost[edit | edit source]

Desc. Date
Snake boss ("Damballa") concept art 13 Nov 2014
Snake boss model progress v1 27 Nov 2014
Snake boss model progress v2 27 Nov 2014
Serpentine helm progress v1 4 Jan 2015
Serpentine helm progress v2 5 Jan 2015
Serpentine helm progress v3 5 Jan 2015
Toxic blowpipe progress v1 5 Jan 2015
Toxic blowpipe progress v2 5 Jan 2015

Mod West[edit | edit source]

Desc. Date
Team cape zero progress v1 15 Jun 2016
Team cape zero progress v2 16 Jun 2016
Twisted buckler & bow progress v1 11 Nov 2016
Twisted bow progress v2 11 Nov 2016
Twisted bow progress v3 11 Nov 2016
Twisted bow progress v4 14 Nov 2016
Dinh's bulwark shape design 14 Nov 2016
Dinh's bulwark model design 14 Nov 2016
Dragon sword models 21 Nov 2016
Dragon sword hilt models 21 Nov 2016

Oculus orb Wikian list[edit | edit source]

Username In-game
Spineweilder Spineweilder, Skyreacher
Scuzzy Beta Scuzzy Beta
iN008 iN008, A Wikian
riblet15 Soggy Clam
Brok Enwings Brok Enwings
Sword Frog Jekyll
BigDiesel BigDiesel2m
Laagone xJulia
KelseW Khazard
Shoyrukon Shoyrukon
Jr Mime Muud
Haidro Haidro

Draft[edit | edit source]

33 - 124

In my travels throughout the Shining Kingdom, I have bested many mighty creatures. From the Colossal Wyrm of the Avium Savannah to the Cloud Titan of Tempestus, I am proud to proclaim myself as a master slayer.

However, I have received news back home from a dear friend that the War of the Five Houses has ended, and I believe it is about time I return to Kourend. The war started from some petty squabble between the lords and ladies of the five Houses, and I do not regret leaving at all. My expertise lies in killing monsters, not my fellow man.

I shall sail to Land's End once night falls.

36 - 124

The trip back to Kourend was strangely quiet, as if the waves were intent on getting me home safely. I decide to set up camp in the woodlands before I return to Hosidius.

I wonder if my parents are still alive; did they survive the war? If they did, would they be glad to see me after all these years? I did not leave on the best terms, after all. They wished for me to remain a farmhand, while I was ambitious to go on my own adventures. They were not happy when they caught me leaving home in the middle of the night.

38 - 124

Somehow, even after the ravages of war, my old home remained intact, though the farm seems to have become much smaller. My mother was shocked to see me return, despite our last encounter. She told me father survived the war, but she tells me since its end, there have been abductions occurring in the middle of the night, and father was just abducted the night before my return.

Furthermore, she managed to strike the assailant with her kitchen knife, and tells me the blood was jet black. I have no doubts about it. The magic keeping the monsters in the Catacombs has begun to waver, and demons have begun to climb to the surface, abducting innocents.

I shall travel to Arceuus and investigate these occurrences.

40 - 124

While I make my way to a remote entrance to the Catacombs north of Arceuus, I look back on my jet black sword I acquired during my travels in Varlamore. I recall encountering a particularly nasty demon capable of summoning torrential rainstorms in the Avium Savannah.

Being requested by a group of dwarves underground to quell the demon's rage, they forged me a silver sword combined with some mystical metal, which they claimed was carefully tuned to greatly harm demons.

Using this silver sword, I slayed the demon with ease, but not before its blood permanently stained my sword black.

I may have use for this sword now.

42 - 124

Entering the Demon's Run, I find the Catacombs littered with dark, purple crystals, as if the creatures within broke them off into small shards for one reason or another. These shards seem to gravitate towards my sword like a magnet, as if wanting to be fused with it, but somehow unable to. I quickly shave them off my sword, believing it might dampen the sword's power.

Further into the Catacombs, I managed to slay several demons. One of them carried a particularly odd object, appearing to be a key of sorts, and oozes with the same power from the Dark Altar.

The key pulls me toward the centre of the Catacombs, where I saw a small altar with three prongs. Here, the key pulled even stronger towards it. Perhaps I am meant to place the key on this altar?

For now, I shall return to Arceuus and rest before trying to place that key.

43 - 124

I have made a big mistake.

I placed the key and was teleported into a large, empty chamber. I thought myself alone, until a large, dark demon made its presence known to me. I stabbed it with my sword, but it seemed to have no effect. Did the shards weaken it after all? Or was it too powerful for the sword to harm it? Before I could gather my thoughts, the demon grabbed me and threw me across the chamber, breaking my spine.

Before it could reach me, I spotted a portal in the corner of the room. I did not care where it led me, as long as it was far away from that demon.

I ended up right here, by the altar where I had placed that key. I continue to write in my diary, hoping someone would come to rescue me.

Look at me. A mighty adventurer, mortally wounded by that damned demon. As I feel myself slipping away, I continue to wonder. Why did those shards try attaching itself to my black sword? Perhaps they wished to empower the sword, rather than weaken it? I guess I'll never know.