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Fluffs chathead.png

Fluffs belongs to Gertrude, and is the cat that a player must find for her within the Gertrude's Cat quest. After the quest has been completed, Fluff can be seen in the Varrock Rat Pits or outside of Gertrude's house. In the Rat Pits, her name is Gertrude's Cat instead. According to Gertrude, she is the mother of all the kittens players can buy from her.

  • If you have a cat or kitten within your bank and you talk to her it can lead to her scratching you, dealing 3 damage.
  • If you use milk and fish (with the exception of cooked fish or tuna and trout) or any other type of food with Fluffs, she will eagerly devour it.
  • If you speak to Fluffs while having a kitten/cat following you, they will briefly converse.