Sarah (Mahogany Homes)

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Released26 August 2020 (Update)
ExamineOne of Gielinor's many citizens.
Advanced data
NPC ID10416
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Sarah is a client living in south Varrock and is involved in the Mahogany Homes activity. She is one of the possible NPCs that the player can be tasked with helping.

Construction contracts[edit | edit source]

Sarah is a possible client given to the player by Mahogany Homes, and may ask you to build the following furniture for them, depending on the type of contract that player chose:

Furniture Resources Experience
Plank.png Oak plank.png Teak plank.png Mahogany plank.png
Bed 2 planks 45 96 144 224
Dresser 2 planks 45 96 144 224
Shelves 2 planks 45 96 144 224
Small table 2 planks 45 96 144 224
Table 3 planks 67.5 144 216 336
Range 1 steel bar 120 120 120 120

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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