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The area in which the random event takes place
The NPC as shown by Mod Ash

Speedy Gnome was a scrapped random event mentioned in a Behind the Scenes article in August 2005. It was to be released alongside several other random events such as the Sandwich lady. In the event, the player would have been kidnapped and forced to race against Sebastian Gno, the "fastest gnome in the world", in an agility course modelled to look like an Olympic stadium with obstacles.

However, Sebastian Gno was not added to RuneScape along with the rest of the random events named, because the course was the same every time and was therefore not an effective anti-bot feature. The random event was scrapped, despite having completed graphics and testing.[1]

In the archive of MIDI music files contained within Old School RuneScape, the song numbered 415 has this particular unused tune, which is most likely intended for this Speedy Gnome Event. According to Mod Ash, the title of the piece was "Athlete's Foot". Jingles exist for the random event too, for when the player completes or fails it.

Track Details
Play track Athlete's Foot. Plays when entering the random event.
Play track Plays when successfully completing the random event.
Play track Plays when failing the random event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is likely that the name Sebastian Gno is a combination of the former British athlete Sebastian Coe, and Gno's race - a gnome.

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