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This article is about the original unused NPC. For the 20th Anniversary event NPC, see Pious Pete (20th Anniversary event).
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Pious Pete was a Saradominist monk who was featured in the Candlelight random event. The event, which consisted of relighting candles in Pete's church, was notoriously difficult due to the vague instructions given, and the fact that candles would frequently extinguish before all could be lit. It could take some players hours or even days to complete, yet would only give a few hundred coins as a reward, making it deeply unpopular. While there were many reports of players getting the event from February until June 2006, it appears to have been quietly removed after this date, with the last confirmed occurrence on 2 June.

It is possible the event was replaced by the Beekeeper, which featured an almost identical interface but did not force players to repeat the event if they failed.

Despite the fact that the event was still listed on the knowledge base in August 2007, and Pious Pete was included in the August 2007 backup of RuneScape, he was never present in Old School RuneScape until he returned during the 20th Anniversary event.