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Released8 December 2001 (Update)
LocationAnywhere random events can occur
OptionsTalk-to, Dismiss
ExamineThe brother of Miles and Niles.
Advanced data
NPC ID5438
Giles chathead.png
Giles (underwater) chathead.png

Giles is an NPC who appears as part of the Certer random event, where he will ask players to identify an item, such as a fish, with three possible choices of what the object is. If the player correctly identifies the item, Giles will give the player a reward of either coins, a gem (cut or uncut, up to diamond), a cosmic talisman, a nature talisman, a half key, a spinach roll, or a kebab.

He has two brothers, Miles and Niles, who may appear instead of Giles.

The interface that appears when speaking to Giles.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]