Strange shrine

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Strange shrine
Strange shrine.png
Released2 August 2004 (Update)
ExamineA shrine of the gods!
Advanced data
Object ID14985

The Strange shrine is an object in the centre of the Maze, which can be touched to complete the random event. Players touching the shrine with a full inventory will be teleported back to their original location first, and then have their rewards dropped on the floor below their feet.

The shrine's examine text claims this object is a shrine of the gods. The human symbolising Saradomin, the skull symbolising Guthix, and the demon symbolising Zamorak.

A player reaching the exit of the Maze random event.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Drop rates estimated based on 20,000 mazes from the Drop Rate Project, unless otherwise cited.

The average strange shrine reward is worth 11,794.44.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Coins_1000.png: Strange shrine drops Coins with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-7590Coins0–7,5901/90–7,5900–7,590
Feather.png: Strange shrine drops Feather with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-3795Feather0–3,7951/90–11,3850–3,795
Iron arrow.png: Strange shrine drops Iron arrow with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-2530Iron arrow0–2,5301/90–7,5900–2,530
Chaos rune.png: Strange shrine drops Chaos rune with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-843Chaos rune0–8431/90–69,1260–45,522
Steel arrow.png: Strange shrine drops Steel arrow with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-632Steel arrow0–6321/90–4,4240–4,424
Death rune.png: Strange shrine drops Death rune with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-421Death rune0–4211/90–70,3070–45,468
Coal.png: Strange shrine drops Coal with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-168 (noted)Coal0–168 (noted)1/90–30,0720–4,536
Nature rune.png: Strange shrine drops Nature rune with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-42Nature rune0–421/90–4,9980–4,536
Mithril ore.png: Strange shrine drops Mithril ore with rarity 1/9 in quantity 0-46 (noted)Mithril ore0–46 (noted)1/90–6,8080–4,462

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