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Fossils are items on Fossil Island that are used to build displays on the bottom floor of the Varrock Museum (below the natural history floor). Completing a display requires a complete set of one type of fossil (i.e. small/medium/large/rare) and grants 2 kudos and an experience lamp based on the type of category of the fossils. They can be sold to the Fossil Collector in exchange for numulites, or used on the mycelium pool to create enriched bones which can be further processed to eventually gain some Prayer experience.

Fossil uses[edit | edit source]

In the Varrock Museum, there are 14 small displays, 12 medium displays, 5 large displays and 5 plant displays. You will need a set of each fossil to complete one display. In total, you will need 70 small fossils, 60 medium fossils, 25 large fossils and 25 plant fossils. Note that unidentified large fossils have a chance of becoming either large fossils or plant fossils.

The mycelium pool will turn fossils into enriched bones which give prayer experience.

The Fossil Collector gives numulites in return for identified or unidentified fossils found around the island:

You can charge the Ancient wyvern shield with fossils. Since charging the shield with numulites is rather costly, you ought to save your fossils for recharging this shield as it is more economical than using the fossils for the mycelium pool or giving them to the fossil collector.

Obtaining fossils[edit | edit source]

Fossils may be obtained from Mairin's Market and from certain actions that roll the fossil drop table.

Every time you roll the fossil drop table, there is a chance you may receive either a fossil, numulite or nothing.

If you receive a fossil, the chance of you receiving each kind of fossil is as follows:

Fossil type Drop chance
Unidentified small fossil.pngUnidentified small fossil 50%
Unidentified medium fossil.pngUnidentified medium fossil 25%
Unidentified large fossil.pngUnidentified large fossil 20%
Unidentified rare fossil.pngUnidentified rare fossil 5%

The fossil drop table is as follows:

Actions dropping fossils and numulites[1]
Method Fossil Numulite Nothing
Herbiboar.png Herbiboar (per trail reveal with experience drop)

(About 2.56 rolls per Herbiboar)[2]

7/175 4% 63/175 36% 105/175 60%
Volcanic mine.png Getting fragment from Volcanic mine 5/175 2.9% 45/175 25.7% 125/175 71.4%
Underwater.pngUnderwater thieving (per experience drop) 6/175 3.4% 54/175 30.9% 115/175 65.7%
Bowl of fish.png Bowl of fish 2/175 1.1% 18/175 10.3% 155/175 88.6%
Sulliuscep.png Sulliusceps (per experience drop) 5/175 2.9% 45/175 25.7% 125/175 71.4%
Tar Monster.png Tar Monster 5/175 2.9% 45/175 25.7% 125/175 71.4%
Hoop Snake.png Hoop Snake 3/175 1.7% 27/175 15.4% 145/175 82.9%
Deranged archaeologist.png Deranged archaeologist 12/175 6.9% 108/175 61.7% 55/175 31.4%
Ammonite Crab.png Ammonite Crab 3/175 1.7% 27/175 15.4% 145/175 82.9%
Ancient Zygomite.png Ancient Zygomite 7/175 4% 63/175 36% 105/175 60%
Lobstrosity.png Lobstrosity 5/175 2.9% 45/175 25.7% 125/175 71.4%
Wyvern.png Lesser Wyvern 10/175 5.7% 90/175 51.4% 75/175 42.9%
Ancient Wyvern.png Ancient Wyvern 12/175 6.9% 108/175 61.7% 55/175 31.4%
Drift net.png Drift net (per fish) 3/175 1.7% 27/175 15.4% 145/175 82.9%
Museum Camp.png Digging in camp soil 1/175 0.6% 9/175 5.1% 165/175 94.3%

Storing fossils[edit | edit source]

Fossil Storage is located throughout various parts of the island. An additional storage crate can be found in the basement section of the Varrock Museum.

Note: you can add/remove clean or uncleaned fossils to any of the storage crates around Fossil Island as the contents of the storage crates are synchronized. This means you can clean fossils in the museum camp, store them in the storage crate, then collect the cleaned fossils from the storage crate in the basement of the Varrock Museum when you are ready to add to exhibits, thus avoiding having to take multiple inventories back and forth between the museum camp and museum.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This guide makes the assumption that an unidentified large fossil will turn into a large fossil 50% of the time, and a plant fossil 50% of the time.

In order to complete the Varrock Museum, you will need approximately 55 unidentified large fossils (95% confidence interval 50-65) in order to get 25 plant fossils and 25 identified large fossils, 60 unidentified medium fossils and 70 small fossils. The rate-limiting step is the unidentified large fossil.

Large fossil gathering[1]
Method Actions/hour Drop rate Unidentified large fossil.png/hour Time for 55 Unidentified large fossil.png
Herbiboar.png Herbiboar 130[2] 7/875 (0.8%) 1 52.9 hours
Volcanic mine.png Volcanic mine 235 5/875 (0.6%) 1.3 41 hours
Underwater.pngUnderwater thieving

+Mairin's Market

200-240 6/875 (0.7%)


2-2.4 22.5-27 hours
Bowl of fish.png Bowl of fish 5[3] 2/875 (0.2%) Buy fossils from Mairin's Market instead of this
Sulliuscep.png Sulliusceps 591 (Woodcutting 80);

745 (Woodcutting 90)[4]

5/875 (0.6%) 3.4;


16.3 hours

12.9 hours

Tar Monster.png Tar Monster Slow 5/875 (0.6%) Long
Hoop Snake.png Hoop Snake Slow 3/875 (0.3%) Long
Deranged archaeologist.png Deranged archaeologist ≈30[5] 12/875 (1.4%) 0.4 133.7 hours
Ammonite Crab.png Ammonite Crab 162 (Strength 72)[6] 3/875 (0.3%) 0.6 99 hours
Ancient Zygomite.png Ancient Zygomite 137 (114 melee combat) 7/875 (0.8%) 1.1 50.2 hours
Lobstrosity.png Lobstrosity 200[7] 5/875 (0.6%) 1.1 48.1 hours
Wyvern.png Lesser Wyvern ≈35[8] 10/875 (1.1%) 0.4 137.5 hours
Ancient Wyvern.png Ancient Wyvern <≈35[8] 12/875 (1.4%) 0.5 114.6 hours
Drift net.png Drift net ≈1000 (Trident required) 3/875 (0.3%) 3.4 16 hours
Museum Camp.png Camp soil* 1000-3000 1/875 (0.1%) 1.1-3.4 16-48.1 hours

*Extremely click-intensive - 3000 is the theoretical maximum with mousekeys - expect slower rates

Thieving and Mairin's Market[edit | edit source]

If you are using Mairin's Market, you should save your points and then evaluate the specific fossils you need to achieve your total of 25 plant fossils, 25 large identified fossils and 60 medium fossils.

Disabling Fossils[edit | edit source]

Should players wish to stop seeing fossils on the island whilst doing various activities that provide them, players should speak to Peter on the south-west part of the Fossil island camp. There, players can toggle whether or not they can find regular fossils (including small, medium and large fossils). There is also an option to to toggle Unidentified rare fossils should players wish to keep the chance of finding them whilst doing activities on the island.

References[edit | edit source]