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Guthix balance potions are modified restore potions. To make this potion, add garlic and then silver dust (made by using a silver bar in the Grinder at the Ectofuntus) to a restore potion (made from harralander and red spiders' eggs). A Guthix balance (unf) potion is made after adding garlic to a restore potion.

The potion cannot be made until after you have defeated Gadderanks in In Aid of the Myreque, and talked to him, at which point he will reveal how to create the potion.

Guthix balance potions are used against frozen Vampyre Juvinates. After freezing the Juvinates with the rod of ivandis, Ivandis flail, or blisterwood flail and using a dose of the potion on them, one of three outcomes may happen: the vampyre will either be destroyed, become angry (and vulnerable to all attacks), or be returned to human form.

It is also a medium task from the Morytania Achievement Diary to make a Guthix balance potion while in Morytania.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Herblore Herblore2225
Quest points Partial completion of In Aid of the Myreque
Member icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
pxGuthix balance (unf)1N/A
pxSilver dust192
Total Cost92
pxGuthix balance(3)1115