Vyre Orator

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Vyre Orator
Vyre Orator (male).png
Released24 May 2018 (Update)
LocationVer Sinhaza
QuestA Night at the Theatre
ExamineThey have a lot to say.
Advanced data
NPC ID8323
Vyre Orator (male) chathead.png
Vyre Orator (female) chathead.png

Vyre Orators are vampyres who are found in Ver Sinhaza welcoming citizens to the Theatre of Blood, encouraging them to participate. They can also be found inside the Theatre of Blood directing players through it.

They will say one of the following every four seconds:

  • Welcome, one and all, to the Theatre of Blood.
  • Verzik Vitur cordially invites you to the Theatre.
  • Glory awaits those who enter the Theatre!
  • Prove your worth in the Theatre!
  • Only the Theatre can free you!
The Vyre Orators speaking from the balconies.