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A player reanimating a creature through the Arceuus spellbook.

Necromancy is a branch of Magic involving communing and resurrecting the dead. Necromancy is considered a very dark and abhorred art and practising it is considered a dangerous activity as numerous individuals have turned insane while attempting to raise the dead. Necromancers are usually followers of Zamorak, as the practice of necromancy is considered "evil" by most societies; however, a handful of non-Zamorakian necromancers have been accepted within society at various times.

The animation of undead such as skeletons and zombies are the usual fare for necromancers, and have often been used as disposable troops, as seen during the God Wars. Although on the surface appearing similar to Summoning, necromancy and summoning have nothing to do with each other[1]. Necromancers are apparently capable of bringing themselves back from the dead.

The people of Arceuus have practiced necromancy for generations utilizing the powers of the Dark Altar to reanimate creatures. Players themselves can practise the Arceuus way of necromancy through the Arceuus Spellbook, which requires 60% Favour with Arceuus in Great Kourend. This type of necromancy does not seem to have any negative consequences and the player only uses it on creatures whose spirits are still trapped in order to lay them properly to rest. After completing A Kingdom Divided the player gain access to additional necromantic spells from Xamphur's library, but only those deemed safe by Lord Trobin Arceuus.

Known necromancers[edit | edit source]

Humans[edit | edit source]

Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

  • Lucien - A Zamorakian Mahjarrat responsible for the infamous siege on Varrock in 154 of the Fifth Age leading a horde of undead, that was surprisingly quickly defeated.
  • Sliske - A devious Zarosian Mahjarrat responsible for the empowering, death and later resurrection of the Barrows Brothers.
  • Zamorak - The God of Chaos, who played a major role in Gielinor's history, most notably the God Wars.
  • Zemouregal - The infamous villain of Varrock, who tried to lay siege on the city during the Fourth Age with his undead legions. He was stopped by the hero Arrav, who Zemouregal resurrected as his own minion after his death.

Undeads[edit | edit source]

Others[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In RuneScape Classic, players had the ability to choose their class. One of the choices was to become a Necromancer, which gave players a higher starting level in Necromancy (the original Magic). Later when the class system was removed, all necromancers became Mages.

References[edit | edit source]

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