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Gods and goddesses are divine beings of various races who have ascended beyond mortality. Many different gods have come and gone from Gielinor throughout its history, some leaving a bigger mark on it than others. The power of the gods varies, but they are generally all considered to be more powerful than any mortal. Most origins of the gods are unknown, but a few are known to have ascended from mortality to divinity, gaining great powers in doing so, and some are known to have been created intentionally or unintentionally by other gods.

Most gods represent a philosophy or a world view, which affect the titles they have taken or been given by their followers. They are not embodiments of the elements they are attributed, but merely use it as a reflection of what they believe. These philosophies and their interpretations have led to many triumphs and achievements, but also to conflict and war, with the most known example being the God Wars, where many different god factions fought each other for power, territory etc. The end of the God Wars, established by the creation of the Edicts of Guthix, meant that the gods could no longer directly influence their followers, thus leaving the mortals to their own interpretation and understanding of the gods.

Gods[edit | edit source]

Guthix[edit | edit source]

Guthix symbol.png

Guthix is the god of balance and nature, rumoured to be the most powerful god known. Guthix came to RuneScape as the First Age began, astounded by its beauty and sought to share it with mortals, whom he believed would live in accordance to his belief of balance. This included humans, gnomes, dwarves, and elves. Guthix created the runestones allowing the mortals to harness and utilise the power of magic. Guthix does not desire worship and as such removed himself from the world, and went to sleep somewhere deep beneath the earth. When the God Wars raged across the lands, Guthix awoke from his slumber, retaliated against, and banished most of the gods with the Edicts of Guthix. Afterwards Guthix returned to his slumber, not to be heard from again.

Saradomin[edit | edit source]

Saradomin symbol.png

Saradomin is the god of order and wisdom, and by many of his followers considered the god of good. He has a large following among humans on Gielinor, and has more churches and temples dedicated to him than any other god. Saradomin descended on RuneScape, specifically on the island of Entrana, at some point during the Second Age. He was a major combatant in the God Wars following his soon-to-be mortal enemy Zamorak's rise to power.

Zamorak[edit | edit source]

Zamorak symbol.png

Zamorak is the god of chaos. He was a Mahjarrat general in the service of Zaros, and ascended to godhood after betraying and stabbing Zaros with the Staff of Armadyl. Zamorak's rise to power eventually led to the God Wars, which Zamorak and his followers were major combatants in. Zamorak is considered to be the god of evil by many, and many of the antagonists encountered during various quests are associated with him, but this doesn't necessarily reflect the true philosophy of Zamorak.

Armadyl[edit | edit source]

Armadyl symbol.png

Armadyl is the god of justice and law, the patron god of the aviantese and the namesake of the legendary Staff of Armadyl. He also fought in the God Wars, but left Gielinor in mourning, when he thought his aviantese had been wiped out.

Bandos[edit | edit source]

Bandos symbol.png

Bandos is the god of war and known to most of his followers as the Big High War God. His following consists of various races such as goblins, ogres, orks, hobgoblins, trolls, and ourgs. He came to Gielinor as the God Wars raged, eager to participate in the war, as Bandos sought glory in battle.

Zaros[edit | edit source]

Zaros symbol.png

Zaros is an almost forgotten god associated with fate, control, and darkness. He was created on Freneskae by the Elder God Mah, and is the opposite counterpart of Seren. Zaros was the leader of the greatest empire in RuneScape's history, spanning great land masses of the main continent. He was overthrown by his general Zamorak, an event that eventually led to the God Wars, where Zaros's once great empire was torn asunder by a combined effort of Saradomin and Zamorak, which reduced the once mighty empire to nothing and Zaros's following to a mere handful.

Seren[edit | edit source]

Seren symbol.png

Seren is the crystalline goddess of peace, growth, and light, and patron goddess of the elves. She was created on Freneskae by the Elder God Mah, and is the opposite counterpart of Zaros. She became the elves' patron goddess after being enamoured by them on their home world Tarddiad. Seren was the second god to set foot on Gielinor after Guthix personally invited her to this world with her elves. When the God Wars ended and all the powerful deities were banished from Gielinor, Seren instead chose to shatter herself so that she could remain with her elves.

Tumeken[edit | edit source]

Tumeken symbol.png

Tumeken is the god of light and the Sun and patriarch of the Menaphite Pantheon, an octet of gods being worshipped by people in the Kharidian Desert, from Al Kharid to Menaphos. He is the husband of Elidinis and father of Icthlarin and Amascut, as well as the creator of the four minor desert gods: Apmeken, Crondis, Het, and Scabaras.

Elidinis[edit | edit source]

Elidinis symbol.png

Elidinis is the goddess of fertility and associated with the River Elid. She is the wife of Tumeken and mother of Icthlarin and Amascut. She is mainly worshipped in the city of Nardah.

Icthlarin[edit | edit source]

Icthlarin symbol.png

Icthlarin is the jackal-headed demi-god and guardian of the dead and the Underworld. He is the son of Tumeken and Elidinis and brother of Amascut.

Amascut[edit | edit source]

Amascut symbol.png

Amascut, the Devourer, is the demi-goddess of destruction, formerly being the goddess of rebirth. She is the daughter of Tumeken and Elidinis and sister of Icthlarin.

Apmeken[edit | edit source]

Apmeken symbol.png

Apmeken is the baboon-headed goddess of companionship. Originally a wild baboon, she was gifted divinity from Tumeken after displaying a sociable, playful, and sharing nature towards her fellow baboons. She can appear with different types of monkey heads to display various natures.

Crondis[edit | edit source]

Crondis symbol.png

Crondis is the crocodile-headed goddess of modesty and resourcefulness. Originally a wild crocodile, she was gifted divinity from Tumeken after displaying modesty, resourcefulness, and patience by only hunting and eating what she needed.

Het[edit | edit source]

Het symbol.png

Het is the human-headed god of health both mental and physical. Originally a regular human, he was considered a pristine example of strength by Tumeken, holding up a mountain pass to allow others passage, thus Tumeken honoured his strength of mind and body by gifting him divinity.

Scabaras[edit | edit source]

Scabaras symbol.png

Scabaras is the scarab-headed god of isolation and tranquillity. Originally a scarab beetle, he was gifted divinity from Tumeken after inspiring tranquillity in him, but also reminding him of the effects of isolation.

Brassica Prime[edit | edit source]

Brassica Prime symbol.png

Brassica Prime is the cabbage god and patron god of all cabbages.

Marimbo[edit | edit source]

Marimbo symbol.png

Marimbo is the patron goddess of the monkeys, and worshipped by the monkeys of Ape Atoll.

V[edit | edit source]

V symbol.png

V is a god of Fremennik descent. He ascended to godhood by exposure to the Stone of Jas. He was the creator of the Runic altars and founder of the Moon Clan. Among the Fremenniks V is a legendary hero and is revered and respected as such, rather than worshipped as a god, which is also what V preferred. His true name is unknown, but he's commonly referred to as V.

Karamjan gods[edit | edit source]

The Karamjan gods is a group of gods worshipped by some people, native to Karamja. Little is known of them, but they have a shrine in Tai Bwo Wannai. In RuneScape it has been revealed that they consist of a trio of demi-gods: Shaika, her husband Kharazi, and their daughter Raharni.

Jas[edit | edit source]

Jas is an ancient deity that created the Stone of Jas, which was tied to the Dragonkin, causing them to attack human settlements out of pain and suffering. Not much else is known about Jas.

Ful[edit | edit source]

Ful is an ancient deity associated with fire and lava, creator of the TzHaar. The Tasakaal is a trio of TzHaar who left their home for Mount Karuulm to ensure a balance between life and death according to Ful.

Mah[edit | edit source]

Mah is an ancient deity. Residing on the world of Freneskae, she is the creator of Zaros, Seren, and the Mahjarrat tribe, whose name literally means 'Children of Mah'. She is associated with light, darkness, and potential.

False gods[edit | edit source]

There are several beings in the world of RuneScape who are considered gods by specific groups and inviduals, however they are not truly divine.

Iban[edit | edit source]

Lord Iban.png

Iban was a powerful undead mage claiming to be the son of Zamorak himself, leading a cult within the Underground Pass. Iban was a Kinshra officer who was killed by the White Knights in the operation Dawn Ascent. Iban's corpse was salvaged by the witch Kardia, who resurrected him through necromancy in the Underground Pass. Iban quickly grew immensely powerful and gathered a group of disciples and took control over and created more Soulless from people who dared enter the cave. A brave adventurer managed to destroy Iban by creating an effigy of Iban infused with various parts of Iban's being and throwing it into the Well of the Damned.

Bob[edit | edit source]

Bob the Jagex cat.png

Bob is an enigmatic cat and reincarnation of Robert the Strong, a famed hero of the Fourth Age. Players can construct an Icon of Bob in their chapel in their player-owned house, which will dedicate the chapel to him (except the altar, which will have Saradomin's symbol). Other than that, there is nothing that connects Bob to the divine.

Zulrah[edit | edit source]

Zulrah (serpentine).png

Zulrah is a powerful serpent created during the Dragonkin Conflicts by an unnamed dragonkin. Originally seen as a failure, Zulrah was discarded into the Poison Waste where it has resided since. Zulrah is considered a god by the people of Zul-Andra, a small village of lost people settled on the coast by the Poison Waste. They see Zulrah as their god and offer villagers as sacrifices, who willingly sacrifice themselves to Zulrah, considering it an honour as well as securing their relatives an extra large amount of sacred eels Zulrah provides.

Xeric[edit | edit source]

Xeric symbol.png

Xeric, formerly known as King Shayzien VII, was a very powerful warlock ruling the kingdom of Great Kourend almost a thousand years ago. He is considered a god by the Lizardmen, whom he is thought to have created, although there is evidence that they came into existence before. He is however still noted for the prosperity he brought to the race. Xeric increased vastly in power by using the Dark Altar and shed his mortal body to step towards immortality. He was regarded with a combination of fear and awe from his followers. He created the Chambers of Xeric, where he sought to increase his power by using the mysterious crystals found within it. The Chambers of Xeric and its content stand as a symbol of Xeric's power, but it doesn't answer the question whether he truly ascended to godhood.

Vasa Nistirio[edit | edit source]

Vasa Nistirio.png

Vasa Nistirio was the former High Priest of Xeric. He was very adept in magic and served Xeric for years. When Xeric was exiled, Nistirio accompanied him to Mount Quidamortem where they found huge amounts of magic crystals. Just like his master, Nistirio used the magic of these crystals to increase his powers. Nistirio's great arrogance, growing madness, and insatiable hunger for more power eventually led him to believe himself a god and he tried to subjugate Xeric, only to be defeated, imprisoned, and enslaved as a guardian in the Chambers of Xeric.

Founder of House Vitur[edit | edit source]

Scythe of vitur detail.png

The founder of House Vitur was an ancient vampyre worshipped as a god by the rest of his house, as well as some sapient creatures of Vampyrium, who would willingly sacrifice themselves in awe of him. He was the ancestor of Verzik Vitur and the original owner of the Scythe of Vitur.

Evil Chicken[edit | edit source]

Evil Chicken.png

The Evil Chicken is worshipped by Nesty who has built a shrine for the chicken. The Chicken Shrine in Zanaris is another place where this creature is worshipped. Stories about the chicken can be read in the Book on chickens.

Dubious gods[edit | edit source]

There are also some beings that are considered divine by specific individuals and groups, but there is a general lack of evidence of their divinity and even their existence.

The Kendal[edit | edit source]

The Kendal.png

The Kendal is a being from the legends of the Mountain Tribe. A man impersonated the Kendal by dressing up in a bear suit to frighten the local populace and keep them at bay. There is however little proof that the Kendal is an actual deity.

Ralos[edit | edit source]

Ralos symbol.png

Ralos is the god of the sun and brother of Ranul worshipped by the people of Varlamore and a long lost cult of druids in Zeah. He is said to be born from a giant burst of energy before the world began. He is said to preach positivity, acceptance, and living life to the fullest.

Ranul[edit | edit source]

Ranul symbol.png

Ranul is the god of the moon and brother of Ralos worshipped by a long lost cult of druids in Zeah. He is said to be born from darkness and to preach embracing of life as well as death, respecting the dead, pursuing knowledge, and uncovering the mysteries of the world.

Unmentioned gods[edit | edit source]

There are also some gods, who may or may not be considered part of existing lore. These gods haven't been mentioned in Old School RuneScape, but content that is part of the current game has had exposition and connections revealed in RuneScape.

Elder gods[edit | edit source]

Alongside the Elder gods Jas, Ful, and Mah, exist 3 other elder gods.

Wen[edit | edit source]

Wen is the fourth elder god. She is associated with ice, coldness, and inversion.

Bik[edit | edit source]

Bik is the fifth elder god. She is associated with earth, plantlife, and alteration.

Unnamed sixth elder god[edit | edit source]

The sixth Elder God is an unnamed elder god. Nothing is known of this deity.

Xau-Tak[edit | edit source]

Xau-Tak is a mysterious deity associated with death, undeath, the oceans and unspeakable horrors. It is a dark and twisted entity worshipped by the various horrors living on Mos Le'Harmless. The book of Imcandoria's fall also describes several things that are associated with Xau-Tak in RuneScape, such as ancient and mysterious icons near the ocean, black rocks, piles of dead bodies, grotesque monsters, and unimaginable terror. The Fishing Hamlet on the northern coast of Great Kourend also involves several similar Xau-Tak themes. In Ruins of Camdozaal there is a small chance for a message to appear in the chat box of a "Strange Voice" saying Come... Come... Come... Down into the depths... Come... when walking near the bottomless pit.

Loarnab[edit | edit source]

Loarnab was a hydra-god that was slain by Zaros shortly after his arrival on Gielinor. Zaros used Loarnab's divine energy to bring his demonic legions from the Infernal Dimensions.

Non-canon gods[edit | edit source]

Arengeesus[edit | edit source]

Arenngeesus was considered the Goddess of Luck by Charlie Brown, whom he believes praying to brings good luck, but there are no other sources that tell anything about her. She, alongside Charlie Brown, was removed and retconned in an update.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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