Old School Museum

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Old School Museum
Old School Museum.png
Released22 February 2018 (Update)
LocationFalador Party Room
MusicMuseum Medley
Advanced data

The Old School Museum is a museum located beneath the Falador Party Room, accessible by climbing down the staircases.

Here, a player can travel through the history of Old School RuneScape, with each gallery containing displays of past updates, with the examine text of each display stating their date of release.

Year Image Displays (clockwise)
2013-2014 Old School Museum - 2013 displays.png
2014-2015 Old School Museum - 2014 displays.png
2015-2016 Old School Museum - 2015 displays.png
2016-2017 Old School Museum - 2016 displays.png
2017-2018 Old School Museum - 2017 displays.png
2018-2019 Old School Museum - 2018 displays.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The display with Tim and Crunchy in the 5th year gallery is a reference to the cover of RuneScape: The Official Handbook, an introductory book to RuneScape released by Tracey West in 2007.
  • The museum's exit, labelled as an old passageway, is a homage to the Main Menu.
  • Upon release of the museum during the 2018 Birthday event, the sixth year displays were under construction, with Art, Dave and Gene seen building the displays. A year later with the release of the 2019 Birthday event, construction of the displays were completed and the builders were removed.