2018 April Fools

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2018 April Fools
Negative XP drops April Fools 2018.png
Released 1 April 2018 (Update)
End date 2 April 2018 (Update)
Preceded by 2017 April Fools
Succeeded by 2020 April Fools

2018's April Fools was a minor event that involved negative XP drops and a fake Developer's Blog for a new skill on the Old School RuneScape website.

Players who were training skills with Data orbs enabled and their XP drops visible would occasionally see the XP drops resulting in negative experience gained. In addition, the Developer's Blog proposed the new Advanced Warfare skill, its training methods, and weapons such as RPGs, Gnomecopter gunships and tactical nukes.

As a final touch, the usual Forums link at the bottom of the news post would send you to Rick Astley's music video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" instead of the RuneScape Forums in an attempt at Rickrolling.