2020 April Fools

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2020 April Fools
Dev Blog Pet Ranching (2).png
Released 1 April 2020 (Update)
End date N/A (Update)
Preceded by 2018 April Fools
Succeeded by 2021 April Fools
Pet Ranching skillcape concept

2020's April Fools was a minor event that involved a Developer's Blog for a new skill, Pet Ranching, on the Old School RuneScape website.

Players would start off the new skill by choosing between three pets from Professor Magic Tree, a reference to Pokémon and Pokémon Professors which all have a name referencing some type of tree or plant. A Daycare Centre, Pet battling and Pet raids were also proposed along with many additional features.

Other changes would grant players 1 level up in any skill by eating Purple sweets, make quest dialogue appear one word at a time, and add a new item called 'XP Share' which players could bind to any skill to receive halved XP into Runecrafting.