2015 April Fools

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2015 April Fools
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Released 1 April 2015 (Update)
End date 9 April 2015 (Update)
Reward Diango's claws
Preceded by 2014 April Fools
Succeeded by 2016 April Fools

The 2015 April Fools involved Little Mo, a dealer of various merchandise. He discovered a valuable artefact and requests that the player help him deliver his packages to his customers.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Little Mo chathead.png

Speak to Little Mo outside Lumbridge castle. He will ask that you help him deliver his packages to his customers while he goes to the Varrock Museum to determine the value of an artefact he had acquired. Search the cart next to him to obtain a package. Once the player has delivered the package to the correct person, they must return to the cart to receive another package. The person it is delivered to is as follows:

  • A man near some trees - Man wandering around Musa Point. He wears grey clothing and wields a walking stick. The package contained eastern crystals.
  • A guard in a high position - Guard on the top floor of the Port Sarim jail, south of Gerrant's Fishy Business. The package contained herblore supplies.
  • A wanderer of the Wilderness - William (the teamcape seller), he walks around near the Lava Dragon Isle. This is located in the Wilderness, so it is advised to bring only the package. The package contained unknown supplies.
A player performs the dragon claws emote, which is comparable to the special attack.

Once all three packages have been delivered, Little Mo will return to Lumbridge. He will tell you a long story.

After listening to his story, he will give you a pair of dragon claws afterward.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]