Ripper Demon

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Ripper demons are a particularly nasty kind of demon. They are former humans taken over by a parasitic demonic force, which warped their bodies making their skin appear as if they were wrapped in bloody bandages and giving them long razor sharp claws, which were their namesake. They feed on meat and pain and therefore tore their enemies and prey mercilessly apart in a gruesome manner before devouring them.

During the Second Age they were in the service of Zaros, although their murderous nature and instincts meant they needed to have keepers to keep them under control. After Zaros' fall at the hands of Zamorak, a loyal Zarosian Corveth led a pack of ripper demons to hunt down the Dragon rider Ablenkian, who she had deemed a traitor to Zaros, although Ablenkian was one of the Dragon riders who remained loyal. Ripper demons haven't been documented since then and it is unknown if there are still any remaining on Gielinor.