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The Old School RuneScape fixed screen interface

The interface is the screen containing different buttons which, when clicked, display different pieces of information. Some parts of the interface are permanently open, for example, the minimap.

Minimap[edit | edit source]

The minimap is the section which shows a portion of the map around the player, including coloured dots, showing where people or items are, and icons, showing where features of the area are.

Compass[edit | edit source]


The compass is on the top-left of the minimap, and shows the player what direction they're facing.

Data orbs[edit | edit source]

Hitpoints orb.png

Data orbs display the players current hitpoints, prayer points, run energy and special attack. It can be toggled within the settings tab of the control panel.

Activating quick prayers.gif

Quick prayers can be setup by right clicking the prayer data orb, which can then be toggled on and off by clicking on it.

Run energy orb.gif

Run energy can also be toggled on and off by clicking on it, allowing to the player to either run or walk.

Special attack orb.png

The special attack orb shows the amount of special attack energy remaining. It can be clicked to enable your special attack in non-PvP areas.

Wiki lookup[edit | edit source]

Wiki lookup.png

Right clicking the Wiki lookup icon displays two options:

  • The Lookup-entity option, which when clicked, allows players to click on an NPC, item or object to open the relevant Wiki page, if one is available, in the player's default web browser.
  • The Search option, allows players to enter a term in the chatbox and search the Wiki for any relevant pages. Players can also search by typing "::wiki (search term)" in the chatbox.

Control Panel[edit | edit source]

The control panel is the interface that surrounds the side panel of the player.

Combat Options[edit | edit source]

Combat icon.png

The Combat Options tab shows different attack styles that each weapon provides.

Within the interface also lies Auto Retaliate, which a toggle to whether or not if the player should attack back against their opponent. The special attack button can also be found here, where different weapons may possess a special attack and can be triggered by clicking on the button.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Stats icon.png

The Skills tab show the players current skill levels along with their total level.

Clicking each skill will open an interface showing perks that a player may unlock on certain levels with their level requirements. The skills tab will also show any current skill buffs or debuffs.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

Character Summary icon.png

The Character Summary tab shows an interface that displays various statistics of the player's account.

Quest point icon.png

The Quest List tab shows players the current list of quests available in Old School RuneScape. Quests that are shown in red indicate a quest that has not been started. Quests in yellow indicate a quest that has been started, but not completed. Quests in green indicate a quest that has been completed.

Achievement Diaries icon.png

The Achievement Diary tab shows a list of 12 areas within Gielinor. Each diary has a set of easy, medium, hard and elite tasks. When completing a task set in an area, players are awarded an item along with unique perks.

Kourend Favour icon.png

The Kourend Favour tab shows the percentage of favour the player has within a city in Great Kourend. It allows players to view favour-gaining tasks and milestones for gaining a certain percentage of favour. It also has a toggle in which allows the interface to be displayed in the top-middle of the game client whenever the player is in Great Kourend.

Inventory[edit | edit source]


The Inventory tab shows all the items that the player is carrying. Players can carry up to 28 items (not noted/stackable) and an additional 11 in worn equipment. Non-stackable/non-noted items and worn equipment contribute to the player's weight.

Worn Equipment[edit | edit source]

Worn equipment.png

The Worn Equipment tab shows all the equipment that the player is currently wearing or wielding. The equipped inventory is divided into 11 slots for each area of the body that some piece of equipment can be worn on.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

Prayer tab icon.png

The Prayer tab shows all the available prayers the player can use, along with their current remaining prayer points.

Spellbook[edit | edit source]


The Spellbook tab shows all the spells available to the player. Spells are greyed out if they lack the magic level required to cast the spell.

There are four spellbooks:

Standard spellbook.png

Standard spellbook (default)

Ancient spellbook.png

Ancient spellbook (requires Desert Treasure quest)

Lunar spellbook.png

Lunar spellbook (requires Lunar Diplomacy quest; Dream Mentor for full access)

Arceuus spellbook.png

Arceuus spellbook (requires 60% Arceuus favour and completion of A Kingdom Divided for full access)

Chat-channel[edit | edit source]


The Chat-channel tab is a feature in which players can chat with other players within both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape across all worlds. In order for players to send messages to the chat-channel, they must add a forward slash (/) prefix before their message.

Your Clan icon.png

The Your Clan tab shows your clan. In order to send messages, type (//) or (/c) before the message.

View another clan icon.png

The View another clan tab shows others clans. In order to send messages, type (///) or (/g) before the message.

Grouping icon.png

The Grouping tab shows different minigames to which a player can teleport to the entrance of the selected minigame, as well as the option to join the official Chat-channel of said minigame.

Friends List[edit | edit source]

Friends List.png

The Friends List tab is used to add other players to the list, to which they can send private messages. If a player's private chat is set to "off", then they will always appear as offline and it will not be possible to send them a private message. If their private chat is set to "friends", then only people on their friends list will be able to send them private messages.

Ignore List.png

The Ignore List tab is accessed by clicking the button on the top-right of the friends list. It shows the list of ignored players which hides all their messages and prevents them from entering the player's chat-channel.

Account Management[edit | edit source]

Account Management.png

The Account Management tab shows information relating to the account's membership, messages received through the Message Centre and display name. It also has quick links to Old School RuneScape website and customer support.

Logout[edit | edit source]


The Logout tab contains a button that is used to log out of Old School RuneScape, which when clicked, takes the players to the log-in screen.

Within the logout interface, there is a world switcher button, which allows the player to switch freely between worlds.

Settings[edit | edit source]


The Settings tab allows players to change various settings within the game, including display, audio, chat and control settings.

The Old School bonds interface can also be found here, which allows players to deposit and withdraw bonds that the player has purchased.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Emotes button.png

The Emotes tab show various different selection of movements that the player can perform. Some emotes are already unlocked by default and locked ones can be unlocked through random events, quests, the Stronghold of Security, holiday events or by possessing a skillcape.

Music Player[edit | edit source]


The Music Player tab shows different soundtracks within the game, which will play when a player is in a certain location in Old School RuneScape. Players can also click on songs that are highlighted in green to play them. Titles in red have not been unlocked, and thus cannot be played. There are a total of 728 music tracks.

Chat Interface[edit | edit source]

The chat interface is what the player uses to communicate with other players and see what other players are saying. You can use prefixes such as red: or wave: to change the way the text will appear over your character. You can also talk to NPCs on this interface, private message, and engage in a chat-channel.

Chat Interface.png

Commands[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
18 May 2022
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when teleporting with items in the Drag State.
  • Items no longer drag or drift in the Inventory when preselecting an item and moving it.
22 November 2018

The Store orb on mobile has been shifted slightly to reduce its overlapping.

28 April 2016
(update | poll)

Call pet button has been added to force your follower to appear next to you.

17 September 2015

An in-game report form has been added by right-clicking the report button at the bottom of the chat box.

20 August 2015
  • The welcome screen will no longer appear when logging in within the wilderness.
  • Clicking on the compass by your minimap will now cause your camera to face north.
  • The camera height now moves up slightly as you zoom in to keep the character in the correct position on the screen.
  • You will now no longer see XP drops upon login under certain circumstances.
  • Spider webs on ceilings will no longer distort at certain camera angles.
11 June 2015

Fixed an issue with line breaks on some interfaces.

4 June 2015
(update | poll)
  • Resizable mode has been added and can be enabled in game.
  • Three different interface options have been added for resizable mode: background transparency, stone button style and chat box transparency.
  • It's not possible to hide your chat box and inventory by clicking on the currently selected tab.
21 May 2015
(update | poll)

World switcher has been added.

30 April 2015

Equipping certain task related items no longer forces the equipment screen to close.

23 April 2015
(update | poll)

Warnings when trying to drop items valuable items will now appear based on the Grand Exchange value of items rather than the alchemy value.

25 September 2014

Added various kingdom management messages to the game filter.

22 May 2014
(update | poll)

All the items that have a right-click 'Operate' option when they're equipped have been updated. In particular, teleport jewellery such as the amulet of glory will now offer all its options within the right-click menu, making it far more convenient to use.

15 May 2014
(update | poll)
  • Sub menus have been created for Display, Audio, Chat & Control options that are accessed by the 4 tab buttons at the top of the interface.
  • New toggles have been added to the interface for roof removal and the stat panel tooltip to show XP remaining to next level.
  • You can also now select how to prioritise the Attack option on monsters and other players.
  • Now you can choose to make Attack always be the left-click option
  • You can also choose to make Attack always be a right-click option.
13 February 2014

The minimap orb buttons can no longer be clicked while the side-panel interfaces are unavailable, such as during certain cutscenes.

6 February 2014
(update | poll)

The orbs by the minimap can now be clicked to:

  • Toggle run mode on or off.
  • Choose a selection of 'quick-prayers' and toggle them on and off.
  • Cure yourself of poison or disease, provided you are carrying supplies that can do this.
16 January 2014
(update | poll)

The minimap area of the gameframe has been updated with three new icons to show your health, prayer points and run energy.

2 August 2013

The reboot countdown timer will count down more smoothly.

20 June 2013
(update | poll)

You'll find that you can now right-click report players from chat messages which should make life a bit easier.

13 June 2013

The reboot countdown timer will now appear in the right place.

6 June 2013
  • The text-wrapping in the chatbox will now put names on the correct line more reliably.
  • When you are typing a long chat message, the chatbox will now endeavour to show the end of the text.
  • The in-game world-switcher interface will now indicate the recommended activities for each world.
31 May 2013
(update | poll)

The chatbox now applies text-wrapping to long messages.

9 May 2013
(update | poll)

Number input boxes now understand k = thousand and m = million.

22 March 2013
(update | poll)

Typing ::toggleroof into the chat box will now toggle between two options for removing roofs from buildings. Roofs will either be hidden or be shown selectively.

21 March 2013
(update | poll)
  • You can toggle the report option by right-clicking on the Report Abuse button.
  • Toggle run mode remembered between logins.
  • Right-clicking on chat messages from your friends will more easily let you reply to them.
  • Pressing 'tab' will reply to the last private message sent to you.
  • Pressing 'Enter' will now log you in after typing you username/password on the login screen.
27 February 2013

The ESC key will once again switch your side-panel to the inventory.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Within the game cache, there is an unused icon for Follower Details (Follower Details.png). This is left over from the original Old School RuneScape backup from August 2007 when the Summoning skill was still being developed.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 6 January 2017. (Archived from the original on 29 May 2020.) Mod Ash: "[Summoning] was in development in August 2007, and the icon was already in our repository. We've not deleted it."