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Released19 December 2005 (Update)
LocationEntrana church (only during Devious Minds)
QuestDevious Minds
ExamineA stealthy assassin.
Advanced data
NPC ID4568

The assassin is an operator who has recently stolen a relic from Entrana. His history is unknown.

Theft of the Relic[edit | edit source]

An adventurer is enlisted by a hooded Monk near the Paterdomus, a Saradominist temple on the holy River Salve. Here, somehow avoiding the aggressive Monks of Zamorak that had taken the temple, he claimed to be searching for someone that could help him craft a mysterious weapon known as a "bow-sword".

After crafting the bowsword, he instructed the adventurer to take a sphere to the holy isle of Saradomin, Entrana. Claiming to be one of their order, he said the sphere was a gift for a religious festival soon to be held on the island. Wanting the true nature of the sphere to remain a secret, and as simply taking a ferry Port Sarim would potentially risk revealing the sphere to the ships' crewmen, he requested the adventure to take it through the Abyss, arriving on the island via the Law altar.

Once on Entrana, the adventurer brought the sphere to the island's central church, where the monks were preparing for the ceremony. Placing the sphere on an altar without being noticed by the island's High Priest, the adventurer awaited the purpose of the sphere to be revealed.

The Assassin attacks the church's congregation.

As the monks readied themselves, the assassin teleported in, now wielding the bow-sword and dressed in the attire of an Assassin. Using the bow-sword, he attacked its congregation, slaying several members of the order. Stealing a "relic" from the altar, he teleported from the island. The sphere, discovered to be a teleportation beacon, had been designed solely to give the assassin immediate access to the island. After the adventurer rushed back to Paterdomus to confront the monk, they found what at first glance appeared to be his body. However, this was simply another monk the Assassin had murdered, to conceal his identity.

The adventurer, realising what they had done, informed Sir Tiffy Cashien of the Temple Knights of the event. Sir Tiffy, claimed to already be aware of the situation, launched a Temple Knight investigation regarding the attack.