Sapling (Chambers of Xeric)

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This article is about trees found in the Chambers of Xeric. For the farming item, see sapling.

Sapling are trees found in the Chambers of Xeric. They yield kindling when cut, which is used to start fires and fuelling the braziers in the ice demon's lair.

The yield per successful chop is scaled to the player's Woodcutting level, up to a maximum of eight. The experience gained also varies, scaling based on the amount of kindling received.

Woodcutting Info[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Kindling (Chambers of Xeric).png: Sapling (Chambers of Xeric) drops Kindling (Chambers of Xeric) with rarity Unknown in quantity 1-8Kindling (Chambers of Xeric)1–8UnknownNot sold1–8
Woodcutting lvl Max kindling
per chop
Woodcutting XP if max is hit
1 1 30
24 2 45
36 3 55
48 4 62.5
60 5 38.5
72 6 73.5
84 7 77.75
96 8 81.5