Noxifer seed

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Noxifer seed detail.png

Noxifer seeds are dropped by certain monsters found in the Chambers of Xeric. It can also be found at the end of a floor by raking the weeds near the entrance to the next level.

It can be planted in a resource room in the Chambers to grow noxifer.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Noxifer seed
Farming level 55
Patch Chambers of Xeric herb patch
Seeds per 1 seed
Payment N/A
Time 30 seconds
Crop Grimy noxifer
Planting 12
Harvesting 30

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

Stage Image
1 Noxifer stage 1.png
2 Noxifer stage 2.png
3 Noxifer stage 3.png
4 Noxifer stage 4.png
5 Noxifer stage 5.png

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Guardian (Chambers of Xeric) Multicombat.png3–5Always
Lizardman shaman (Chambers of Xeric) Multicombat.png5–10Always
Skeletal Mystic Multicombat.png5–10Always