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Firemaking is a skill commonly trained first by ironmen, almost entirely through Wintertodt. Due to the benefit of having a low Hitpoints level when subduing Wintertodt, it is common first objective to level Woodcutting and Firemaking to 50 before any other skills.

Most of the logs obtained through Woodcutting or otherwise are commonly used in birdhouse trapping, leaving few logs for Firemaking training, making Wintertodt even more ideal.

Levels 1–50: Burning logs[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–15: Normal logs[edit | edit source]

To start off, go to the top of the Lumbridge Castle, light the logs that spawn there, hop Worlds and repeat until level 15. The goal is to be able to cut and burn oak logs, which requires Woodcutting 15 in addition to Firemaking 15 , and the Monk's Friend quest will grant enough Woodcutting experience to skip almost all regular tree cutting.

Levels 15–39: Oak logs[edit | edit source]

Cut oak logs and light them as obtained until level 35 Woodcutting. Oak trees are common place throughout Gielinor, and the logs will be burned, so proximity to a bank is not necessary.

To be able to cut Teak trees, players will need Woodcutting 35 Woodcutting. Since Firemaking gives more experience per log, it's recommended to continue with oak logs to around level 39 Firemaking, at which point Woodcutting should be 35.

Levels 39–50: Teak logs[edit | edit source]

Teak trees can be cut at 35 Woodcutting, requiring 35 Firemaking, south-west of Castle Wars, until level 50 Firemaking. There is only a single tree, and the spot can sometimes be crowded, so some World hopping might be necessary. There are also three Teak tree spawns on the north side of the Isle of Souls.

Level 50+: Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

The Doors of Dinh, the entrance to Wintertodt's prison.

Subduing Wintertodt becomes the best option from level 50 onwards, as it offers coins, various logs, gems, ores, herbs, seeds, and raw fish (among other things). It doesn't require any supplies other than some food.

Doing Wintertodt at a low level is strongly recommended, as players are able to heal effectively with low-tier food and the rewards benefit much more at lower levels. It is advised to train Firemaking at Wintertodt until level 60 Woodcutting (achieved at around level 88–90 Firemaking) for access to the Woodcutting Guild, where the player can buy axes up to rune. The fastest way to gain Firemaking experience from Wintertodt is to be on an official World (307, 309, 311, 389), which have fast games that usually last around 4 minutes.

Players will use most of the logs they get on Fletching and birdhouse runs, so there aren’t many options for Firemaking training outside of Wintertodt.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Though Firemaking 50 Firemaking is the only requirement to enter Wintertodt's prison, players will need a decent axe and warm clothes to effectively subdue him. It's strongly recommended to gain a few levels in Construction Construction to maximise experience as well.

The speed of chopping bruma roots effectively caps out with a steel axe, so bringing steel or higher is highly recommended. Steel axes can be purchased from Bob's Brilliant Axes. in Lumbridge for Coins 100.png 200, pickpocketed from H.A.M. Members with Thieving 15 Thieving, or crafted with Smithing 31 Smithing.

The clue hunter outfit counts as warm clothing and can be obtained at any level. Many holiday outfits also count as warm clothing and can be obtained very quickly, should an event be available.

Players will need to own a house in order to gain Construction experience from repairing the braziers. It is also worthwhile to get at least level 15–20 Construction beforehand to gain more experience from repairing the braziers. Completing Daddy's Home will reward a player-owned house and a decent supply of construction materials, however it costs Coins 1000.png 3,250, which can be prohibitively expensive early on.

Should one be unable to make games necklaces and is forced to leave the area or dies frequently, it is recommended to gain access to the Arceuus Home Teleport (requires 60% Arceuus favour) or unlock the fisher's flute teleport on the Kharedst's memoirs (requires completion of The Queen of Thieves) to return there faster.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fletching the bruma roots into kindling is only recommended when the player would not meet the 500-point mark for the extra experience gained at the end of the round. Otherwise, bruma roots should not be fletched into kindlings, as this significantly hampers experience rates and the few extra points is not worth the experience loss.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

It doesn't matter too much when you open your Wintertodt crates. Early game the gp, logs for birdhouses, and magic logs for Desert Treasure are useful. If you can benefit from those, or any of the other drops, you should be opening them. If you have 0 use for any of the drops you can hold them until you do.

High-level players will get better rewards with higher stats, but the rewards do not benefit as much and the players will also take more damage. However, when wearing the Hitpoints cape along with a regen bracelet and using an ornate rejuvenation pool to restore stats, players will need very little (if any) food for doing Wintertodt.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Questing[edit | edit source]

There are no easily available quests that grant Firemaking experience for a low level player. Heroes' Quest is the only quest that grants Firemaking experience that has no Firemaking requirement, though it has many other requirements.

Enakhra's Lament rewards 7,000 Firemaking experience, however it requires Firemaking 45 , among many other medium-level skill requirements.

Level 50+: Soloing Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

Challenging Wintertodt alone will yield less Firemaking experience per hour, but much more Construction Construction experience and rewards per hour. It's possible to gain the maximum number of points, 13,500, in around 50 minutes, which will reward a supply crate containing 28 loot rolls.

Level 75+: Magic or redwood logs[edit | edit source]

Burning magic or redwood logs from woodcutting or monster drops is also an option, if the player does not have any other use for them. However they will most likely be needed for doing bird house runs.