Making flour

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Making flour
RequirementsMill Lane Mill.png
Cooking 32 (recommended)
ProfitExperience gained
Inputs (8,400)Outputs (34,400)
400 × Pot.png Pot (2,400)400 × Grain.png Grain (6,000)400 × Pot of flour.png Pot of flour (34,400)

It is recommended that you enter the Cooks' Guild to make flour, as it has a mill close to the West Varrock bank, and is among the easiest of guilds to enter.

Other than the Cooks' Guild, the only windmill in the Free-to-play world is the Mill Lane Mill northeast of Draynor Village. You should have 14 Pots and 14 Grain on you. Once you do, go to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], use the grain on the hopper, and then use the hopper control levers to drop the grain down the chute. Repeat this process 14 times, while keeping in mind that only 1 grain may be used in the hopper at a time. Then, go to the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] and click the flour basket until your pots are full. Then, go to the bank in Draynor Village, deposit your entire inventory, then repeat this process again until you don't have any more pots or grain. From here, walk to the Grand Exchange or use the Chronicle to teleport to the Champions' Guild, offering a shortcut. It is, however, recommended to buy more than 162 of each item, as it is based on your own efficiency. Also, you might want to do this for more than 1 hour, and your hourly earnings will be cut by repeated trips to the Grand Exchange.

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