Baking potatoes

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Making baked potatoes
RequirementsBaked potato detail.png
Cooking 7 (41+ recommended)
50,000+ recommended
ProfitExperience gained
146,720 Cooking 16,800
Inputs (69,440)Outputs (216,160)
1,120 × Potato.png Potato (69,440)1,120 × Baked potato.png Baked potato (216,160)

Baked potato can only be made on ranges. The closest range to a bank is in the Myths' Guild, requiring completion of Dragon Slayer II. The next closest are in the Cooks' Guild, requiring completion of the Varrock Hard Diary or 99 Cooking, or Hosidius Kitchen with 100% Hosidius favour. Nardah is the closest range to a bank with no requirements.

A low Cooking level increases your chance of burning foods, thus decreasing profits, therefore having a higher Cooking level is highly recommended.

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