Temple Trekking

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RequirementsTemple Trekking.png
Ranged 50+ recommended to kill Nail Beasts

Morytania legs 3 to teleport out of the bog event
Magic Shortbow or other fast ranged weapon to safespot the Nail Beasts
Graceful outfit to maintain run energy

ProfitExperience gained
983,604Ranged 8,049 Hitpoints 2,683
Inputs (3,276)Outputs (986,880)
78 × Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrow (3,276)3,229 × Bow string.png Bow string (506,928)36.59 × Nail beast nails.png Nail beast nails (479,952)

This profit rate assumes 39 attempted treks per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

Escort one of the hard people on route 1. Safespot any nail beasts, and evade any other encounters when possible. Use the Morytania Legs 3 to teleport out of the Bog event - it's faster to just start again than to complete it. Repeat this back and forth between Paterdomus and Burgh de Rott. Bank after every 2 nail beast events.

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