Crash Island Dungeon

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Crash Island Dungeon
Crash Island Dungeon.png
Released15 March 2006 (Update)
LocationApe Atoll
InhabitantsBig Snakes
Advanced data

The Crash Island Dungeon is a very small dungeon containing five level 84 poisonous big snakes. The entrance is found in the centre of Crash Island.

The dungeon is visited during the Recipe for Disaster subquest Freeing King Awowogei. Upon entering the dungeon for the first time, 15 damage is suffered. A rope is already provided to descend into the dungeon for subsequent visits. A rope is in place to exit the dungeon. Logging out or lobbying will also put the player outside the dungeon. A few level 9 snakes are found above ground near the entrance to the dungeon; both types of snake are not aggressive to higher levelled players.

If you are too close to the walls, the snakes popping in and out of holes can hurt and poison you as well. These snakes are unattackable. Snakes will also pop out of the floor and every single hole in the wall when you first enter the dungeon, but most of them will not pop out after.

Recipe for Disaster[edit | edit source]

During the subquest Freeing King Awowogei, players must enter the pit, and kill one of the big snakes to get a snake corpse. Players then have to stuff the snake corpse with Tchiki nut paste and a sliced red banana which will yield a raw stuffed snake. Players may want to get more than one snake corpse, since it is possible to burn the raw stuffed snake.