Lowerniel Drakan

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Lowerniel Drakan
Lowerniel Drakan.png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
Combat level927
LocationCastle Drakan
QuestSins of the Father
ExamineThe ruler of Morytania and the lord of Vampyrium.
Advanced data
NPC ID9579
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Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan is the vampyre overlord and tyrant of Morytania. Drakan is a trueborn vampyre hailing from Vampyrium, he was brought to Gielinor amongst many of his kind by Zaros during the Second Age to contribute to the Zarosian Empire. Drakan later supported Zamorak in his rebellion against Zaros, and later led an army into the kingdom of Hallowvale, which was conquered by Drakan and his forces. Drakan then became the overlord and tyrant of the land he named Morytania, transforming its capital into a blood-farming ghetto and corrupting the entire land. His reign has been marred by violence, including, amongst countless others, the Fall of Hallowvale, the Misthalin - Morytania War, the Morytania Campaign,[1] and the Sanguinesti Liberation War.

Despite his immense importance to both ancient and modern history, Drakan has managed to remain unseen by the public eye during much of his reign until Sins of the Father, apparently having isolated himself in lamentation over the Stone of Jas being beyond his reach despite ironically having once been located beneath Hallowvale.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Born to unknown parents, Lowerniel was raised by his parents alongside his siblings Ranis, Vanescula and Draynor on the vampyre homeworld of Vampyrium. He grew up in a society structure, that had been created by the god Zaros a long time ago. His father taught him the joy of the hunt, which became very important to his son. Eventually, his father also decided to take Vanescula along, and Drakan stated that her talent was one of the best he had seen. Drakan grew up to become one of the most powerful amongst his kind, his numerous victories at the "Night of the Blood Moon"-festival showing his immense power. The burgeoning House Drakan became one of the most prominent Vampyre Houses and ultimately was able to subjugate the other seven Houses under his leadership.

Eventually, Zaros returned to the planet and requested the vampyres to join him and contribute to his empire. Drakan was among Zaros' most powerful and high-ranking followers, however over time he grew restless in the Zarosian society.

Conquest of Hallowvale[edit | edit source]

Lowerniel eventually decided to support Zamorak, participating in his betrayal. He was convinced to support Zamorak after being promised to have the lands of Hallowvale as a reward for his loyalty. Lowerniel amassed an army of vampyres and werewolves following Zaros' betrayal, where they fought the Icyene and humans residing there. Despite the immense amount of soldiers at his disposal, Lowerniel was unable to obtain total victory.

Thanks to the assistance of Verzik Vitur and his brother Ranis however, he learned of a secret entrance to the castle and sent a few vampyres inside, where they were able to capture Ascertes, Queen Efaritay's husband. Efaritay surrendered in order to convince him to spare her husband. Instead, Lowerniel had Ascertes converted into a vampyre, becoming Vanstrom Klause. Although Vanescula suspected that Lowerniel was disappointed, he accepted it regardless.

Following the conquest of Hallowvale, Lowerniel had the vampyric town of Darkmeyer created and set up the ghettos of Meiyerditch to create blood tithes to feed the vampyre population. He heavily rewarded Verzik and Ranis for their contribution to ending the war, gifting the former with the royal castle. Verzik Vitur immediately modified the castle to her own liking and created the Theatre of Blood to entertain herself and the vampyre nobles.

A former Saradominist Justiciar known as Phosani decided to defect to Lowerniel's cause after believing that Saradomin had abandoned them. Lowerniel accepted Phosani's offer to convert her troops into blood tithes and thralls. He then allowed her and the other turncloaks to create a settlement of their own, which they did in an old hermitage east of Darkmeyer, called Slepe, where she founded The Sisterhood.

Lowerniel soon cast magic that turned the lands of Morytania into decay and death, such as Mort Myre Swamp. The local humans were forced to pay blood tithes, although the inhabitants of Slepe were the only humans to willingly comply with the law.

Sometime during his rule, a Saradominist crusade to purge the evils of Morytania was attempted, led by the Barrows brothers, but the crusade was stopped at the walls outside Meiyerditch, due to Sliske's intervention. Sliske supposedly bargained with Lowerniel and was able to keep ownership of the Barrows mounds. Lowerniel also had his brother Draynor banished from Morytania.

Overlord of Morytania[edit | edit source]

A portrait of Lord Drakan's immediate family,[2] (from left to right) Ranis and Vanescula; Lowerniel himself is not present, although the moon is believed to bear his visage.

During the Fourth Age, humans came to Morytania to settle in the northern lands. When Lowerniel heard of this, he immediately ordered them to pay the blood tithes or be destroyed. The inhabitants of one of these settlements, Port Phasmatys, refused. Lowerniel proceeded to besiege the town, but the locals were able to enlist the help of an eastern necromancer called Necrovarus, who used the Ectofunctus to protect the town. Though successful, Necrovarus had his own motives to do so. The locals died and became ghosts, forcing Lowerniel to leave the town as it was since the ghosts had little use for him.

Lowerniel launched an attack on the kingdom west of the River Salve, beginning the Misthalin - Morytania war. Although the kingdom of Misthalin was victorious and the Seven Priestly Warriors managed to establish a blessing on the River Salve making it impossible for vampyres to cross. Verzik assisted Lowerniel in the war effort, and he rewarded her once more with the Sanguinesti Staff, which he had crafted himself.

The town of Mort'ton, situated close to Meiyerditch, was soon enveloped in a strange "mist" that turned its people into afflicted, coupled with the shades breaking out of the catacombs underneath. Although a tithe was attempted, the blood obtained was so foul that Lowerniel had the town left alone, as the inhabitants proved to be no threat.

Lowerniel also created the Haemalchemy Laboratory, which found disturbing results. The lab discovered that the vampyres could survive without blood, and the creation of blisterwood weaponry. Vanescula suspected that the former would mean that he would not likely survive, as history had shown that current leaders did not survive fundamental changes to society. The latter proved to be deadly against vampyres.

A massive mine was excavated to the south-west of Morytania, which provided Lowerniel access to numerous ores. However, when a disturbing secret was found underneath the mines, Lowerniel had the mine destroyed with everyone working there killed to prevent its secret from being leaked. This was later revealed to be the formation of salve shards which proved deadly against the unholy creatures of the land. Lowerniel had one of his followers, Treus Dayth, imprisoned to guard the mine, his tortured soul still remaining to protect its secrets.

He also became obsessed with the Stone of Jas during this time. Wishing to learn more about the Shadow Realm, Lowerniel gave a dark beast to a vampyre to learn more about it, promising a massive blood reward in return. The vampyre researcher managed to manipulate the dark beast to travel into the Shadow Realm, where it gained the name Sotetseg, but the results of the research remain unknown, since the researcher opted to go into the Shadow Realm to meet the "master" on the other side.

Seeing the errors of Zaros' ways, and that the vampyres had to return to their old life, Lowerniel soon returned to Vampyrium. He recalled the Yarasa, a race that the vampyres had fought against before Zaros had arrived. When the eight tribes were united, they were able to defeat the Yarasa, the remaining survivors being lured out and killed. Xarpus, the king of the Yarasa, had evaded all such attempts. Lowerniel, knowing that he was likely still alive, then set out to find and capture Xarpus. He stated no regrets should he fall, but he was able to overpower the Yarasa king and sent him to the Theatre of Blood.

The Myreque Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Lowerniel Drakan makes his first appearance in years.

Upon returning, Lowerniel soon learned about the existence of the Myreque and tasked Vanstrom with dismantling the rebel cell. Vanstrom was able to find the cell after finding an unassuming adventurer, but was only able to kill two of the members before the rest escaped. He also learned that his brother Draynor had been slain; although they had not been on good terms, his death angered him. Soon after, Ranis was killed by the same human that had killed Draynor, which made Drakan furious.

Due to the growing vampyre population and his lack of leadership, the vampyre nobles became desperate. Vanescula, knowing that Lowerniel was no longer fit to rule due to his obsession with the Stone, sought to dispose of him, but could not do so herself as the nobles were still loyal to Lowerniel. She recruited the Myreque to assist her in their goal of taking out Lowerniel. Vanescula brought the Myreque to Castle Drakan to dispose of her brother, much to Vanstrom's surprise as he wondered how she had acquired all of them.

As the two nobles were talking, Lowerniel suddenly emerged from the castle, disappointed with his sister's actions, and demanded the truth. Vanescula admitted to him that he was unfit to rule, as he was doing nothing to address the growing population and faltering supply. Lowerniel stated that he simply allowed her to do whatever she wanted as they were insignificant to him, but Ranis' death had prompted him to step out once more to stop the uprising. With little effort he slew half of the remaining members of the Myreque, before overpowering Vanescula and capturing her. He then had Vanstrom deal with the remaining members as he left with Vanescula.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Sins of the Father, his combat level is revealed to be 927.
    • His combat level is significantly lower than Verzik Vitur, despite possessing far more powers and being the ruler of Morytania.
      • However, his combat level is more than double that of entry mode Verzik Vitur.

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