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For a full list of items and their stats worn in the body slot, see this table.
For game mechanics, see Magic.

For the most part, a mage's armour provides little to no Ranged and melee Defence bonuses, but instead serves to harness the wearer's magical abilities. Notable exceptions to this rule include splitbark, lunar, and Ahrim's armour sets, which provide a mediocre amount of melee protection, although even these are still absent of Ranged protection. Generally, the magical defence bonus of this type of equipment directly corresponds to its magic attack bonus. Most magical armours cannot be made by players.

Magic Armour sets[edit | edit source]

Defence Level Icon Armour Degrades? Other skills/
Zamorak monk top.png
Zamorak monk robes No None
Blue wizard hat.png
Wizard Robes No None
Ghostly hood.png
Ghostly Robes No Curse of the Empty Lord
Elder chaos hood.png
Elder chaos druid robes No Magic 40
Xerician hat.png
Xerician robes No Magic 20 , Defence 10
Mystic hat.png
Mystic robes No Magic 40 , Defence 20
Enchanted hat.png
Enchanted robes No Magic 40 , Defence 20
Hood of darkness.png
Robes of darkness No Magic 40 , Defence 20
Skeletal helm.png
Skeletal armour No Magic 40 , Defence 40 , The Fremennik Trials
Splitbark helm.png
Splitbark armour No Magic 40 , Defence 40
Void mage helm.png
Void Knight equipment No Attack 42 , Strength , Defence , Hitpoints , Ranged , Magic , Prayer 22
Swampbark helm.png
Swampbark armour No Magic 50 , Defence 50
Infinity hat.png
Infinity robes No Magic 50 , Defence 25
Bloodbark helm.png
Bloodbark armour No Magic 60 , Defence 60
3rd age mage hat.png
3rd age mage equipment No Magic 65 , Defence 30
Lunar helm.png
Lunar armour No Defence 40 , Lunar Diplomacy
Dagon'hai hat.png
Dagon'hai robes No Magic 70 , Defence 40
Ancestral hat.png
Ancestral robes No Magic 75 , Defence 65
Ahrim's hood.png
Ahrim the Blighted's equipment Yes Magic 70 , Defence 70

Magic Armour pieces[edit | edit source]

Magic Level Defence Level Armour Degrades? Other skills/
1 1 Elemental shield.png Elemental shield No Elemental Workshop I
1 1 Elemental helmet.png Elemental helmet No Elemental Workshop II
1 1 Mind shield.png Mind shield No Elemental Workshop II
1 1 Mind helmet.png Mind helmet No Elemental Workshop II
1 1 Amulet of magic.png Amulet of magic No None
1 1 Beacon ring.png Beacon ring No What Lies Below
1 1 Seers ring.png Seers ring No None
1 1 Seers ring (i).png Seers ring (i) No 650,000 Nightmare Zone points or 260 Soul Wars Zeal Tokens
1 1 Brimstone ring.png Brimstone ring No None
59 41 Barrows gloves.png Barrows gloves No Recipe for Disaster
1 1 Tormented bracelet.png Tormented bracelet No Hitpoints 75
1 45 Farseer helm.png Farseer helm No The Fremennik Trials
1 45 Healer hat.png Healer hat No 275 Honour points in all four roles of Barbarian Assault.
50 1 Tome of fire.png Tome of fire No None
50 1 Tome of water.png Tome of water No None
1 1 Book of darkness.png Book of darkness No Treasure Trails, Horror from the Deep
1 1 Book of the dead.png Book of the dead No A Kingdom Divided
60 1
Saradomin cape.png
God capes No The Mage Arena
60 1 Mage's book.png Mage's book No None
1 60 Malediction ward.png Malediction ward No None
65 75 Spectral spirit shield.png Spectral spirit shield No Prayer 70
65 75 Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shield No Prayer 70
70 1 Occult necklace.png Occult necklace No None
75 1
Imbued saradomin cape.png
God capes(i) No The Mage Arena II
70 75 Ancient wyvern shield.png Ancient wyvern shield No Started Dragon Slayer I
75 75 Eternal boots.png Eternal boots No 75 Magic and Defence

Set items[edit | edit source]

Wizard robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing blue wizard robes.

Blue, Blue (gold), Blue (trimmed), Black, Black (gold), Black (trimmed)
Hat, Robe Top, Boots (Blue only)

Wizards' robes are the most common robes in free-to-play. Wizard robes consist of a hat and a robe-top, but many players combine them with a blue or black skirt, to match. However, the skirts provide no Combat bonuses. A better alternative is the Zamorak monk bottoms, as they give +3 magic. Wizard boots can be obtained from Treasure Trails, for members.

Xerician robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Xerician robes.

Xerician hat, Xerician top, Xerician robe

Xerician robes have slightly better stats than Wizard robes, and require 20 Magic and 10 Defence and are crafted from Xerician fabric dropped by lizardmen. They can be stored in the armour case.

Mystic robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing blue mystic robes.

Blue/White, White/Gold, Black/Red, Dusk, Robes of darkness & Enchanted
Hat, Robe Top, Robe Skirt, Gloves, Boots

Mystic robes are a popular medium-level Magic armour. Mystic robes give a comparatively high Magic Attack and Defence bonus, but nothing else. They are popular for safespot maging, and in Player versus Player combat due to their relatively low cost. Blue/White mystic robes can be bought in the Wizards' Guild. White/Gold robes can be obtained by slaying monsters in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Black/Red robes are dropped by monsters in the Slayer Tower.

Enchanted robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Enchanted robes.

Enchanted robes are a three-piece set consisting of a hat, top, and robe, identical to their mystic robes equivalent. They are obtained from Treasure Trails.

Splitbark armour[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Splitbark armour.

Helm, Body, Legs, Gauntlets, Boots

Splitbark armour is a medium-level Magic armour. They give significantly less Magic attack bonus than Mystic robes, but they give some Melee Defence bonuses, unlike Mystic robes. They are not very common, as they are hard to make, and many players prefer Mystic robes because of their higher Magic attack bonus.

Variants: Bloodbark armour and Swampbark armour

Swampbark armour[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Swampbark armour.

Helm, Body, Legs, Gauntlets, Boots

Swampbark armor is a variant of splitbark armour. It requires level 50 magic and 50 Defence to wear and increases the duration of the binding effects of spells like Entangle or Ice Barrage by 5 ticks (3.0) secs). It has higher Magic Attack bonuses compared to normal Splitbark Armor, and provide a comparable Melee Defense of Mithril armour.

Bloodbark armour[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Bloodbark armour.

Helm, Body, Legs, Gauntlets, Boots

The complete Bloodbark armour set requires level 60 Magic and 60 Defence to wear and provides an additive 7.5% increase to the healing effect of Blood spells. It has Magic Attack bonuses comparable to Mystic armour, and provides a comparable Melee Defense of Adamant armour. This makes Bloodbark the highest Melee Defense bonus of any magic armour set, beating both Ahrim's armour and Void Knight equipment (even when only comparing the Bloodbark Helm, Body, and Legs to the Ahrim's or Void Knight sets).

Despite the high level requirements of Bloodbark, it is only comparable to a Mystic armour set with better Magic and Melee Defence, thus it is generally passed up for an armour set with a higher Magic Attack bonus. The Bloodbark helm does provide higher Melee Defence bonuses than the Farseer helm with no negative Range or Melee Attack bonuses, however it provides 1 less Magic Attack than the Farseer helm.

Skeletal armour[edit | edit source]

A player wearing skeletal robes.

Helm, Top, Bottoms, Gloves, Boots

Skeletal armour is a medium-level Magic armour. They give slightly less Magic attack and Melee Defence bonuses than Splitbark armour. This, combined with the increased cost, make it a very rare sight.

Farseer helm[edit | edit source]

A farseer helm.

A Farseer helm is a medium-to-high-level Magic helmet. It is the joint third-best helmet for magical attack (with the Infinity hat, Healer hat, and Ahrim's hood), and is beaten by the Ancestral hat and the 3rd age mage hat. The Farseer helm is relatively popular, as it is cheaper than the Infinity, 3rd age mage and Ancestral hat, is easier to obtain than the Healer hat, and does not degrade like Ahrim's hood.

The Farseer helm also has significantly higher Defence bonuses and is extremely popular due to the hybrid PVP.

Infinity robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing infinity robes.

Hat, Top, Bottoms, Gloves, Boots, Book (Shield)

Infinity robes are a reward purchasable from the Mage Training Arena activity. Infinity robes give a higher Magic Attack and Defence boost than Mystic robes. However, Infinity robes are uncommon due to the time, effort and money needed to obtain them.

God capes[edit | edit source]

God capes.

Saradomin (Blue/White), Guthix (Green/Teal), Zamorak (Black/Red)

The God capes are the best capes available for magical attack, and third, to the Fire cape and Infernal cape, in magical Defence. They can be earned from the Mage Arena activity. Many players use them for their high magical attack and ease of recovering them if lost, or against monsters with Magic or Magic-based attacks.

Lunar equipment[edit | edit source]

A player wearing lunar robes.

Helmet, Torso, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Ring, Amulet, Cape, (Staff)

Lunar equipment is made during the Lunar Diplomacy quest. The full set, including the ring, amulet and staff, give slightly less Magic attack bonus than Mystic robes; however, it gives Melee Defence bonuses similar to Splitbark armour.

3rd age mage equipment[edit | edit source]

A player wearing 3rd age mage robes.

Hat, Robe Top, Robe (Bottom), Amulet

3rd age mage equipment are a high-level Magic armour. 3rd age mage robes are very rare, and therefore very expensive. They give a higher magical attack and Defence bonus than Infinity robes, but a slightly smaller bonus than Ahrim's robes. They give also no other Defence bonuses, unlike Ahrim's robes. 3rd age mage robes can be obtained from Treasure Trails, or by trading with another player. Being very rare and thus also expensive, 3rd age mage robes are mainly used as a status symbol, rather than a practical set of robes.

Dagon'hai robes[edit | edit source]

Hat, robe top, robe bottom

A player wearing Dagon'hai robes.

Dagon'hai robes offer relatively high magic attack and defence bonuses as well as a prayer bonus, an uncommon trait among mage robes. The overall offensive bonuses are comparable to 3rd age robes and a bit better than infinity, but the defensive magic bonuses are a bit worse than both. They are obtained as a rare reward from Larran's big chest, which itself can be accessed using Larran's key, an uncommon drop from Wilderness slayer. Due to the difficulty of obtaining them and the high bonuses they provide they are quite expensive.

Ahrim the Blighted's robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Ahrim the Blighted's robes.

Hood, Robetop, Robeskirt, (Staff)

Ahrim's robes are high-level Magic armour. Ahrim's robetop and robeskirt give the highest Magic attack bonus available concerning torso and legs, respectively, and also give a good Melee Defence which is significantly higher than that of Splitbark armour. Ahrim's robes are very popular, especially amongst more advanced participants in PVP activities. They are comparatively cheap, but require repairing every 15 hours of Combat and require a moderately high Magic and Defence level. When wielding all of Ahrim's robes, including the staff, spells have a chance of reducing their target's Strength. This power is called 'Blighted Aura'. Ahrim's robetop and robeskirt are often combined with other pieces of armour to form a high Magic Defence set of armour.

Ancestral robes[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Ancestral robes.

Hat, top, bottom

Ancestral robes are rare drops from Chambers of Xeric requiring 75 Magic and 65 Defence. They are best in slot for magic attack bonus, but have lower defence than Ahrim's robes. They do not degrade and can be stored in the costume room of the player-owned house.

Void Knight equipment[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Void Knight robes.

Void mage helm, Void knight top, Void knight robe & Void knight gloves

Void knight robes give a high Defence bonus for Magic robes, and it gives the highest Ranged Defence bonus of all Magic robes, but it requires 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Hitpoints and Magic, and it also requires 22 Prayer. Void mage robes give a 45% accuracy bonus to your spells and while wearing the right ring, staff, amulet, boots, cape and book, it can yield deadly accurate spells. The elite variant furthermore provides a small magic damage bonus. A disadvantage is that the entire set should be equipped, so it cannot be combined with other robe sets or used in conjunction with certain items such as the Tormented bracelet.

Best F2P magic armour setup[edit | edit source]

Blue wizard hat.png
Black cape.png
Amulet of magic.png
Staff of fire.png
Blue wizard robe.png
Anti-dragon shield.png
Zamorak monk bottom.png
Leather vambraces.png
Leather boots.png


Best P2P magic armour setup (most accuracy)[edit | edit source]

Ancestral hat.png
Imbued saradomin cape.png
3rd age amulet.png
Rada's blessing 4.png
Kodai wand.png
Ancestral robe top.png
Arcane spirit shield.png
Ancestral robe bottom.png
Tormented bracelet.png
Eternal boots.png
Seers ring (i).png


  • The occult necklace gives the highest magic strength bonus but the 3rd age amulet has a +3 higher magical accuracy.
  • Maximum magical bonus of +177. There are no ammo slot items that give a magic accuracy or strength bonus.